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September - Sapphire (more information)

History of Sapphire

The word "sapphire" has its roots in several ancient languages: the Arabic "safir," the Latin "sapphirus" (meaning "blue"), and the Greek word "sappheiros" for the island of Sappherine in the Arabian Sea where sapphires were originally found.

The Sapphire was in the 'Breastplate of Judgement' of Aaron, described in the bible.

The Ancient Persians called sapphire the "Celestial Stone", and they believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire whose reflection gave the sky its color. Before and during the Middle Ages, it was worn by priests as protection from impure thoughts and temptations. Medieval kings of Europe used sapphires in rings and brooches, believing that it protected them from harm and envy. Warriors presented their young wives with sapphire necklaces so they would remain faithful. It was believed that the stone's color would darken if worn by an adulterer or adulteress, or by an unworthy person.

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Legends and Gemstone "Healing Properties"
In ancient times, it was believed that sapphire would protect the wearer from envy and attract divine favor. The gem was regarded as a symbol of truth, sincerity and constancy, It also was said to be a powerful antidote for poison. Today its powers are said to include spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. Sapphire is believed to offer many healing properties.
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Sapphire occurs in colors ranging from very light to dark blue to violet, green, yellow, orange, brown, black, colorless and pink. Sapphire is mined in Australia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Other producers are Burma, Kampuchea, Kenya and Tanzania. Sapphire is mined in Kashmir, Burma, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, Tanzania, Kenya, and the United States state of Montana.
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