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June - Alexandrite (more information)

History of Alexandrite

Alexandrite was first discovered in 1831 in an emerald mining region of the Ural Mountains in the old Russia.

The stone is named after Prince Alexander of Russia, who was to later become Czar Alexander II, since it is said to have been discovered on the day of the prince's birthday.

That's why the "A" in Alexandrite is often capitalized.

Although Alexandrite is a relatively young gemstone, it certainly has a noble history. Since it shows both red and green colors, the colors of old Imperial Russia, it inevitably became the national stone of tsarist Russia.

One of the first notable mentions of Alexandrite in literature, was by the Russian writer Nikolai Leskov who wrote a short novel, "Alexandrite, Mysterious Interpretation of a True Fact", in which the gem plays a major role and is defined as a prophetic stone.

Beautiful Alexandrite in top quality, is very rare indeed and hardly ever used in modern jewellery. Old Russian master jewelers loved the stone, and small Alexandrites were occasionally also used in Victorian jewellery from England.

At the end of the 19th century, Tiffany's produced some beautiful series of platinum rings in Alexandrite, and those rings are considered today rare and expensive collectables.

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Legends and Gemstone "Healing Properties"
The most sensational feature about this gemstone, is its ability to change color.
Green or bluish-green in daylight, Alexandrite turns a soft shade of red, purplish-red or raspberry red in incandescent light.

Forever changing its colors, alexandrite is a magical gemstone that continues to fascinate astrologers, scientists, and gem lovers.

In critical situations it is supposed to strengthen the wearer's intuition, and help find solutions for questions where logic will not provide an answer. Alexandrite is also reputed to aid creativity, inspire imagination, provide confidence, and to help bring about change.
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Russia was the primary source of Alexandrite since gems from the mines of the Urals became available. When the Russian deposits were thought to have been exhausted, mostly lab created gems have been used instead for modern jewelry production.

Recently some Alexandrite has been discovered in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and other African nations, yet the quality, size and color change attributes of these new finds are not comparable to the now extinct original Uralian Alexandrite.

Fine Alexandrites above one carat are thus among the most expensive gemstones in the world.

Lab Created Alexandrite

Fine Alexandrites are rarer than fine ruby, sapphire or emerald, and are often found only in old estate jewelry.

To make this rare gemstone available to our customers, we use instead fine Lab Created Alexandrite.

Our Synthetic or Lab Created Alexandrites, have the SAME chemical elements, color, hardness and crystal structure as a natural stone, but are created in a laboratory, under controlled man made conditions, to recreate all the allure and beauty of the original, extinct gemstone.
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