Jewelry trends from the American Gem Trade Association GemFair

The American Gem Trade Association held its annual GemFair in Tucson, Arizona, during February. It's an opportunity for buyers, sellers and collectors to gather in one location to network and mingle with the market's leaders. However, the GemFair can also help predict upcoming trends in jewelry. As designers and retailers browse options for upcoming seasons, consumers around the world are able to see what gemstones, finishes and styles are garnering interest.

In the wake of 2015's Tuscon GemFair, here's a roundup of emerging trends as covered by JCK Magazine, the authority on details industry news.

1. Timing is everything
If you don't already have a stylish watch, it's time to invest. Timepieces were popular for both genders at this year's fair. Depending on your individual fashion sense, you can try different looks such as big statement watches or delicate timepieces that combine function and form. It may seem frivolous to wear a watch when everyone carries cellphones that proudly display the time, but once you get in the habit of checking your wrist for the time, you'll feel naked without a watch on.

2. Colored gems
This year, it's all about the colored gemstones. From celebrities on the red carpet to the annual GemFair, it's become apparent that traditional diamonds are taking a backseat to flashier styles in 2015. Yellow-gold and honey-colored stones were well represented in Tucson, in addition to sapphires in orange, purple, gold and peach. Don't forget to browse the latest offerings of emeralds and hot pink tourmaline, which will make the perfect colorful addition to your collection of accessories. If none of those hues appeal to you, tanzanite, garnets and aquamarine had a solid showing at the event as well, particularly necklaces and bracelets that included several different gemstones.

Awards season has been eventful and full of fabulous fashion choices, including colored gemstones. For example, Lupita Nyong'o from "12 Years a Slave" and "Non-Stop" wore dangle earrings with lilac amethyst, light green peridot and diamonds to the 2015 Golden Globes. 

Opals are also a big gemstone for the current year. Channel this trend in your own style with a pair of playful Original Star K Butterfly Pendant Made with Creative Opal or a more low-key accessory such as this Opal Ring.

3. Geometric styles
Pendants and rings that feature triangles have been common on the runways, in addition to vendors at the AGTC GemFair. Whether you're looking for a simple bracelet with triangle details such as this 14-karat Yellow, Rose and White Gold Shiny Cable Chain Bracelet with Colored Triangles or a sophisticated necklace that features the shape, similar to this Tommaso Design Trillion Genuine Iolite and Diamond Pendant, triangles are easy to work into your wardrobe. 

4. Burgeoning sources 
An up-and-coming source of fine gemstones is Mozambique – a country in southeast Africa, just below Tanzania. Rubies in particular from Mozambique are becoming quite popular. According to the Gemological Institute of America, ruby mining from a major supplier is expected to double this year. Gemfields plans to expand its Montepuez ruby mine in the African country. It predicts that the washing plants output will  grow from 120 to 250 metric tons each year.

Tahitian pearls are continuing to rise in popularity, according to JCK. Freshwater white pearls and metallic ripples pearls are two particular styles that were well represented at the AGTC GemFair.