How to channel the style of your favorite Disney princess

Since Walt Disney started making movies with princess protagonists, people have identified with one character or another – whether it's based on personality traits, fashion sense or simply hair color. Little girls dress up like Disney princesses for Halloween, learn all of the words to the movie soundtracks and decorate their rooms with the characters' likenesses.

Even after you grow up, there's something about Disney princesses that you hold onto. For many people, it's the connection they formed with their princess of choice as a kid. From Ariel and Snow White to Belle and Jasmine, find out what your favorite princess says about you.

Snow White
If you consider yourself a Snow White, you're probably easy to get along with and genuine. Whether it's a collection of bunnies and chipmunks or a group of strong-willed dwarves – or the real life equivalent – you befriend everyone you meet. It's obvious that you have a big heart and a sincere personality. You believe music is a natural mood lifter and teamwork is the solution for most problems. There's a good chance you find comfort in baking, especially warm apple pies.

Snow White has a habit of trusting everyone, which can become problematic when people want to bring her down. With "hair as black as ebony, lips as red as the rose, skin as white as snow," it's easy to see why others are envious of the compassionate princess.

One of Snow White's fashion choices is a red hair bow that matches the details on her dress. Give your look a playful spin with a headband or clip-on bow next time you're heading out with your friends. 

Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" marries into her royal status at the end of the movie, but she's a relatable character for many women throughout the tale. This brunette cares more about books than looks, which is immediately apparent as the handsome yet pompous Gaston seeks her affection. She loves her father deeply despite his reputation as a crazy inventor. When he's captured by the Beast, Belle offers to take his place as a prisoner in the desolate castle. Her optimism helps her see the good in everyone, even the cold-hearted beast. After spending a bit of time together, the unlikely pair falls in love and lives happily ever after.

Belle's yellow ball gown is hard to forget – can't you just imagine her spinning on the dance floor with the Beast? You can add some of the outfit's pizzazz to your own look with a pair of 14-karat Yellow Gold Laser Cut Ball Earrings and a simple updo. 

Women with big dreams and positive attitudes may see themselves as Princess Jasmine from "Aladdin." She's spent her whole life confined to the palace – which doesn't sound too bad – but she felt stifled. When she meets Aladdin, a wandering thief with a good heart, her curiosity builds. In addition to her desire to see the world, Jasmine's romantic feelings for Aladdin grow as she finds herself rejecting the societal custom that's pushing her to marry a rich man.

Jasmine's appearance is characterized by her fabulous black hair, wide eyes and Tiffany blue outfit. She also wears gold hoops that looks like these 18-karat Yellow Sterling Silver Fancy Hoop Earrings and a glimmering gold necklace. 

You're probably a Pocahontas if you're passionate about living things, from magnificent trees to howling wolves. She was raised to love the Earth as if it were a member of her family and respect all of the gifts Mother Nature bestowed on her. When European explorers began destroying the natural beauty she cared so deeply for, Pocahontas wasn't afraid to fight for what she believed in. Perhaps that's another personality trait you share with the American Indian princess. She's an independent woman who's happy to have companions, but by no means relies on help from other humans. People who identify with Pocahontas are often influenced by wanderlust, curiosity and an adventuresome spirit.

To channel Pocahontas through your appearance, opt for outfits that are centered around earth tones. Beige, taupe and heather brown are a few colors to consider adding to your wardrobe. Clothes with tribal prints or fringe are always stylish and relevant. For accessories, check out necklaces with animal pendants and this exquisite Mariano Di Vaio Sterling Silver Feather Bracelet.