Steal style tips from the Jenner sisters

For nearly a decade, we've watched Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian rise to fame through their modeling gigs, clothing stores and E! television show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." While the older siblings have dominated the limelight with marriages, babies and endless drama, their little sisters were growing up too.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner were just kids when KUWTK debuted in 2007, but now they've come into their own as fashion icons and A-list celebs. Now that the eldest siblings have created several spinoffs from the original series that highlight their life changes, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" mainly focuses on the day-to-day activities of Kendall and Kylie. From the end of prestigious runways to killer street style, check out these looks from the Jenner sisters.

The 19-year-old Jenner sister has become a spitting image of Kim Kardashian, excluding the Internet-breaking derriere. Kendall's dark, straight hair that flows down her back from a middle part is classic Kardashian – and her flawless features really make her one of the family. Like her sister Kim, Kendall finds joy in modeling, whether it's for the cover of Vogue magazine or Chanel's runway. She's walked in shows for other big name designers, including Marc Jacobs and Givenchy. In addition to her ventures as a fashionista, Kendall has a shoe line for Madden Girl with her little sister, Teen Vogue explained.

Kendall is a big fan of crop tops and figure-hugging dresses, which always highlight her flat tummy and long, slender legs. Her sleek outfits combined with the sheen of her luscious hair means Kendall doesn't need many accessories to complete a look. She often goes for stud earrings, like a simple pair of Round Diamond Earrings. Kendall is always rocking enchanting black eyelashes and sticks with classic lip colors like candy red and nudes.

The teen recently took a trip to Abu Dhabi with a group of friends, where they all dressed in traditional Middle Eastern garb, including black hijab head scarves. Kendall was the only one to wear a bedazzled hijab, which you can see in the bevy of pictures posted on Instagram by Kendall, Selena Gomez and model Gigi Hadid.

The littlest spawn of Kris Jenner has gathered Instagram followers and fashionista fans steadily in the past year. At 17 years old, Kylie has more than 15 million people checking out her deluge of posts, which include selfies and style shots. She evolved from a quiet pre-teen to a young woman who's known for her big, contoured lips and bright blue hair extensions. While Kendall took to the model lifestyle early on, Kylie kept her look relatively low key until the beginning of 2014. She cut her flowing locks and added the ombre effect that the Kardashian sisters have worn for years. Soon after, Kylie opted for a bob with blue ombre and bold lips. The effortless, natural style that she wore for so long was discarded as Kylie hit red carpets with more striking looks.

Kylie also came out with a line of hair extensions this year, and you can often see her rocking blue clip-ins herself. Despite the head-turning color of her hair and deep shades of lipstick that coat her signature pout, the youngest Jenner knows how to accessorize. Many of her Instagram posts show her wearing stackable rings and several bangles on each wrist. Back in November, Kylie posted a mirror selfie in which she wore a white crop top with denim shorts and a sleek moon necklace, like the Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Moon Pendant from Fine Jewelers.