Britney’s nearly-nude fashion comeback

Britney Spears has made a habit of disappearing from the scene only to return to headlines for one reason or another. While some of these scenarios haven't exactly been good press in the past, her most recent foray into the limelight focuses on the bedroom.

It's not what you think! Britney created a line of lingerie called the Intimate Collection that she's promoting on a world tour – and looking fab while doing so.

The collection
Britney's Intimate Collection has several different styles that she called "stories." The lines include nighties, bras, panties, kimonos and more.

If you look at the collection's website, you may notice that Britney is the star of the marketing materials. She's shown wearing each piece of the line with a thin necklace in a whole group of pictures. To get a similar style of jewelry for yourself, see the 14kt Yellow and White Gold 18 Inch Diamond Cut Reversible Omega Necklace.

The tour
Her world tour has led her to countries such as Germany, Poland and England as she feverishly promotes the line. Britney surprised fans, followers and the press when she arrived at the launch press conference in Germany with a short, blonde bob. It's professional yet adorable, plus quite a flattering look for the singer. She debuted the new style while wearing an all-white pants suit that was dressed up with a lacy shirt underneath.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Britney said she wants Kate Middleton and Gwen Stefani to try her lingerie. In fact, she announced that she would send the Duchess of Cambridge one of each item so she can try them all and pick her favorite.

Talking about her new venture has taken Britney all over the world, from European countries to "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon." Spears posted a picture of herself and Fallon backstage a few weeks ago, when she wore a sexy red dress and gold earrings shaped like fans. These same earrings made another appearance when she greeted supporters in Poland. With her blonde hair in a high ponytail and a maroon dress, Britney walked through a line of admirers to sign autographs. For a similar style of earring, see the 14k Polished Fancy Earring Jackets from Fine Jewelers to turn any pair of studs into a more intricate accessory.

Britney has been asked what message she hopes to send with her lingerie line. She said the whole idea revolves around the concept that women don't need men, only self-love. Apparently she wears some of the sexy styles when she's just reading or relaxing alone because they make her feel confident.