‘Bang Bang’ fashion breakdown

Three of the most popular female singers recently joined forces for one catchy song – "Bang Bang." Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj released the music video for their soon-to-be hit just hours before performing the song live at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Although Minaj experienced a slight wardrobe malfunction during the live performance, their outfits for the music video are exciting and on-point. Each artist changes clothes at least once, so let's break them all down.

Jessie J
The music video opens with an aerial shot of Manhattan and a freeway before bringing the focus to Jessie J as she steps out of a car. She is rocking a black beaded bralette and high-waisted skinny black pants with thick off-white suspenders. With her dark hair in short messy curls, lips painted red and eyes covered by retro round-lens sunglasses, Jessie looks fierce. A pair of red headphones rests around her neck as she busts out into song and dance. The only other accessories she has are a few thin bangles and the good girl attitude she's singing about. 

There's a brief part of the video where Jessie's hair is straightened and she's wearing a shiny gold necklace. Check out this sterling silver shiny textured necklace from Fine Jewelers for a similar look. The next time Jessie J appears, she's donning a shiny silver tunic with a slit on each side. Her hair is parted in the middle and pulled back into a low ponytail, revealing a pair of small stud earrings. 

Ariana Grande
For your daily helping of sugary sweet vocals, Ariana Grande is featured heavily in the song and video. When it begins, she's getting dressed up to join Jessie's street party in an all white outfit. Her white bandeau is covered by a long-sleeved lace crop top, which matches a pair of white high-waisted bottoms. Pearly high heels complete the look as she dances around a dimly lit bedroom. With her long hair in the top ponytail she's become known for, there are shiny stud earrings gleaming from both sides of her head.

In the next scene, Ariana is still showing midriff and swinging that big ponytail around. Her matching mini-skirt and top are paired with the same white pumps, as well as dreamy pink lipstick and eye shadow.

Nicki Minaj 
The hip-hop show stopper Nicki Minaj hits the scene from a helicopter landing pad, dressed to kill. Above her leopard-print skirt is a thin-strapped leather top and a huge gold necklace. The statement neckwear is complemented by wrists and hands full of gold bling, including several cuff style bangles. With her dramatic cosmetics and hairstyles officially in the past, Nicki's makeup is natural-looking and her hair is straightened. 

At the end of the video, Nicki wears a bright yellow stretchy pencil skirt with matching pumps. A beaded bra-like top bring the expected sex appeal to the video as the three dance around like no one is watching.