Celebs attend the World Cup in style

Germany may have clenched the coveted World Cup trophy, but the real stars of the sporting events were the celebrity fans who showcased their best ensembles and accessories throughout the series. Whether they were spotted in the crowd with colorful bangles or uploading images of their country pride to Instagram, many celebs were not shy about showing off their best soccer looks.

If you're planning to attend an athletic event soon, or you're especially inspired by these celebs' looks, consider the following ways you can copy their style as you look through the selection at Fine Jewelers.

Rihanna rocks a rainbow of accessories
At the World Cup final game, Rihanna was anything but shy when donning a range of colorful accessories. The 26-year-old singer painted a Brazilian flag on her neck that stood out against her bright red lips, but looked stylish with the various jewelry items she adorned. On her neck, she wore a necklace complete with a string of circular diamonds, which looked similar to the set of studs she rocked on her lobes. On her wrists, she wore a series of gold bangles offset by a chunky green watch and several arm bands. Rihanna also wore a large nose ring between her nostrils, adding a bit of silver to her face. 

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Sarah Hyland sports simple statements
Best known for her role as Haley on "Modern Family," Sarah Hyland made her presence known at the World Cup finale July 13. The 23-year-old actress attended the game with her beau, both of whom were dressed in yellow and green hues. Hyland wore few accessories, save for a simple statement necklace that featured a yellow pendant. 

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