Get the runway look as a late holiday present to yourself

Did you receive everything that was on your wish-list this holiday season? If you find that you need a little pick-me-up to help you make it through the remaining winter months, it could be time for you to get yourself a present by purchasing some stylish accessories. With a variety of trends taking the world by storm – and not of the snowy variety – you could find so many tempting items from Fine Jewelers that would bring you well ahead of the fashion curve.

Vogue Paris highlighted all of the must-have designs of the Fall 2013/Winter 2014 season. While the pieces showcased were created by the globe's most prominent maisons, you don't have to shell out an excessive amount of money to look like a million bucks. By using these haute couture offerings as your model, you can pull off your own interpretations, adhering to the latest style guidelines while staying original.

Channel Chanel with chunky chains
Karl Lagerfeld did it again this season, taking extremely edgy elements and somehow making them look like classic staples of the modern woman's wardrobe. Last season, it was larger than life pearls, but now Chanel is making sure that their ensembles seem off the chain – with chains, that is.

Even though nearly no one would think to question Chanel anyway, the French powerhouse once again left no room for debate when it comes to their accessory selection. Little was left untouched by exaggerated chains, as they popped up practically everywhere. In the past, linked metal was reserved for the designer's trademark quilted bags, serving as their long, elegant straps. That has changed, as Lagerfeld cleverly incorporated these pieces into new stylistic territory.

For example, models strutted down the runway with stacks of chunky chain bracelets of various colors. But Chanel did not stop there. Everything from belts to hair accessories featured this material, making it an absolute essential this winter.

Fortunately, this trend can easily be translated into everyday wear. You can mix up your Chanel influences, pairing your elegant pearl earrings with a nonconventional chain necklace. To make an even more powerful impact, you should try to layer your neckwear, echoing the bulkiness of the designer's pieces.

Flaunt insect staples like Lanvin
Under the guidance of talented creative director Alber Elbaz, Lanvin threw the fashion world for another loop – namely, with loopy lettered necklaces and insect accessories. That's right, this French designer decided to take what most people tend to swat away in real life and transform them into jewelry pieces that everyone is likely to try grabbing.

While the heavy gold necklaces featuring one-word mantras, such as "cool" and "happy," made for a modern look, Lanvin's insect brooches added whimsical accents reminiscent of antique pieces. However, these metallic bugs were hardly like the kind your grandmothers came to know, as they are on the less feminine side.

If you are hoping to replicate Lanvin's looks, you should explore pendant and earring options that proudly boast insect or animal motifs. By adding these gems to any outfit, you can show that you are ready to rock catwalk styles as you strut down the sidewalks, headed for work or special events alike.