Beyoncé’s style through the years

If you’ve ever thought Beyoncé’s career had peaked, you were surely mistaken. From the beginning of her career as lead singer of the girl’s R&B group Destiny’s Child during the mid-1990s to recent accolades, the trajectory of her fame has been nothing but exponential.

In the past year alone, Knowles landed the No. 1 spot on Forbes’ Top 100 List, worked on her own clothing line, completed a tour with her husband – and more. She’s become a symbol of independence, style and single girl swag. Scroll through this review of Knowles’ fashion sense in her past two decades of increasing success.

A brief Bey-ography
Beyoncé Knowles was born in Houston, Texas, in 1981 and within years she was performing on stage. She sang and danced for audiences at local talent shows for a period of time before forming a band with her cousin Kelly Rowland and two of their friends. The group was originally called “Gyrls Time,” but they changed the name to Destiny’s Child when Knowles’ dad became the band manager. Destiny’s Child scored a record dead with Columbia Records in 1997.

Knowles released her first solo album, called “Dangerously In Love,” in 2003. The next year, Destiny’s Child broke up. Beyoncé continued recording albums and added some acting gigs to her resume. She took on the role of “Foxy Cleopatra” in the film “Austin Powers: Goldmember,” as well as a supporting role in “Dreamgirls.”

Hip-hop artist and producer Jay-Z married Beyoncé during a low-key ceremony in 2008 after a four-year relationship they mainly kept hidden from the public eye. The musical duo had their first child – Blue Ivy Carter – in 2012.

When President Barack Obama was reelected in 2012, Beyoncé was selected to lead the National Anthem during the inauguration ceremony. Just weeks later, she took the stage as the star performer at the Super Bowl. Much to her longtime fans’ delight, Destiny’s Child bandmates Kelly and Michelle joined Beyoncé on stage.

Last year, Beyoncé dropped a surprise self-titled album one night – talk about almost breaking the Internet. With hits like “Drunk In Love” and “Partition,” it became an instant favorite. The Carter family hit the road during the second half of 2014 for the On The Run tour – starring none other than Jay and Bey.

The early years
When Beyoncé was collaborating with her ladies in Destiny’s Child, much of her style was determined by the whole band’s look. The group wore matching outfits, or very similar items that were all made with the same fabric. There were many metallic shades, crop tops, bandeaus and baggy pants. There weren’t many accessories included in these photo shoots – back in the days of four-member bands – perhaps because there was plenty of glitz already.

Solo career style
We saw Beyoncé’s own fashion sense come through when her solo career took off. She was seen at the 2005 Academy Awards in a slinky black gown, rocking her light hair in a low ponytail. A pair of stunning chandelier earrings caught everyone’s attention. The next year, Bey was seen at Kanye’s Grammy’s after party wearing hoop earrings and another black dress, though this one was adorned with gemstones.

Beyoncé’s style has become more sophisticated over the years, with more neutral tones in her wardrobe. Earlier this year, a photo was snapped of Bey and Jennifer Lopez at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party in Beverly Hills. Beyoncé wore an all-white dress with several aquamarine rings on her right hand, similar to this Antique Shaped style from Fine Jewelers and a fashionable diamond necklace. She was showing off a cropped hairstyle as well.