Seeing red at ‘The Giver’ world premiere in NYC

The world premiere of "The Giver" was held at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City earlier this week. The feeling of excitement about the film's imminent release was dulled by the news that comedian Robin Williams passed away, but director film star Jeff Bridges gave an appropriate and touching speech before the screening began. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the screenplay for "The Giver" has been in progress for almost 20 years. The book, written by Lois Lowry, won the 1993 Newbury Award. The story takes place in a utopian community where residents are duped into complacency because the government controls their emotional capacity. At the annual coming of age ceremony, a boy named Jonas is assigned the role of the Receiver of Memories. This job, only available to one person at a time, requires Jonas to see, feel and remember emotions that he didn't know existed. Eventually, Jonas runs away from the community in search of a better life.

The reddest carpet
Many of the cast members wore red to the premiere, a detail Elle magazine thought was planned. Although the beginning of the story is described in only black and white, the first hint that Jonas was different came in the form of color recognition. He catches glimpses of red several times before his new job is revealed, though he can't process exactly what he's seeing. It becomes a symbolic hue in the novel, and perhaps by proxy, on the aptly-named red carpet. 

Brenton Thwaites, an Australian actor previously cast as Prince Phillip in "Maleficent," plays the lead role of Jonas. Thwaites walked the red carpet wearing a Gucci suit.

His female counterpart, Odeya Rush, rocked the camera wearing a red Georges Hobeika gown. She portrays Fiona, Jonas' love interest. Her hair was tied back in a simple updo for a clear view of the small pendant earrings she wore to the event. To buy a pair of earrings reminiscent of Rush's red carpet look, check out White Topaz Leverback Earrings at Fine Jewelers.

Two more famous ladies play main characters in "The Giver," Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift. Holmes was cast as Jonas' law-abiding mother. She graced the red carpet in a Zac Posen dress and statement earring studs. With jewels that fall somewhere between red and pink, you can mimic Katie's style by wearing Tommaso Design Genuine Ruby and Diamond Classic Oval Earrings. If you prefer a different hue, the same earrings are available in an array of colors and stones. The 35-year-old actress also wore two gold bracelets on her right wrist for the premiere. Take a look at a similar bangle, the 18K Yellow Gold Plated Silver Bangle, for the complete Holmes look. Taylor Swift also fell in line with the red trend as she sauntered along in a red and beige Monique Lhuillier gown. Swift was cast as the memory of Rosemary, the former Receiver of Memories.

This fashion roundup wouldn't be complete without mentioning Meryl Streep, the chilling Chief Elder. Streep looked flawless as always in a red top and black pants. She didn't overdo the jewelry aspect of her outfit, donning just small square stud earrings.

An emotional start
Making reference to his role as the utopian community's emotional leader, Jeff Bridges expressed how Robin Williams' death was affecting him that night. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bridges told attendees that he was experiencing mixed emotions as the grief over his friend and colleague was weighing heavy on his heart. 

"I feel Robin coming in now, he says, 'Get on with it, Bridges! On with the show!'" Bridges said, as quoted by the source.