How to nail Claire Underwood’s style

In the traditionally male-dominated environment of Washington D.C., "House of Cards" introduces us to the ultimate female power-lead: Claire Underwood. As one of the fiercest ladies on television these days, you had better believe she has an equally ferocious wardrobe.

Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright, commands attention from the audiences of the politically charged Netflix series. She is the longtime wife of notoriously persuasive congressman Francis Underwood, as well as a lobbyist who runs an environmental nonprofit organization.

Costume-designer Tom Broecker styled the characters of "House of Cards," including Lady Underwood. Broe cker actually won the Costume Designers Guild Award for Outstanding Contemporary Television Series against himself for the political drama's look, according to Elle magazine. Though the Internet has declared Claire Underwood a modern fashion icon for the business chic woman, Broe cker said that wasn't his plan.

"With her character we really wanted to have this armored, tailored, tight, nothing out of place feel," the designer told Elle.

While Claire dons exercise clothes almost every episode during her daily run, her wardrobe is otherwise the model of corporate chic. Whether she's spending the day at the office, attending an important meeting or joining Francis at a fancy Washington event, Claire is looking flawless. 

Outfit No. 1
For Claire's most business-like look, think button-down shirts and pencil skirts. When she wears button-down shirts, they are always well-tailored and seem to fit her perfectly. If you don't want to spend the money to get your dress shirts mended for the perfect shape, shop for slim fit designs. Stick to relatively neutral solid shades for the full Claire Underwood effect.

In the business world, pencil skirts are as timeless and essential as a little black dress. Be sure the length is appropriate for your workplace but don't be afraid to buy something with a playful slit. Claire has been known to rock the classic black pencil skirt as well as light gray and brown. 

Claire Underwood mainly wears heels in a dark shade, especially those made by Louboutin. You don't need to stick to her favorite brand, but a pair of comfortable black pumps is necessary to recreate her aura. Choose jewelry that she would wear herself, like a pair of Akoya Cultured Peal Earrings from Fine Jewelers

Outfit No. 2
When Claire has to transition from her office to a Washington socialite event, she does so in a neutral and simple form-fitting sheath dress. She often dons dresses with interesting necklines, from asymmetrical to boat-shaped.

While she occasionally lets the dress' design speak for itself, Claire sometimes adorns the outfit with a pearl necklace. Get the look at Fine Jewelers with a Genuine Pearl Necklace. Complete your Underwood-inspired getup with a dynamic black duo: pumps and a leather handbag.

Outfit No. 3
Ladies of D.C. don't belong without a killer collection of cocktail dresses, at least in the "House of Cards" version of America's capital city. Any time Claire gets dressed up, her figure is nicely highlighted in a simple yet elegant wardrobe piece. When you're out shopping for a Claire Underwood cocktail outfit, think bodycon. The Huffington Post said your dress of choice should highlight your best features, cover the appropriate amount of skin and instill Claire-level confidence in you. 

Complement your new dress with a pair of earrings by Effy Collection and heels with more pop than your classic black pumps. You can also add a Claire Underwood jacket if the weather permits. Like the rest of her clothes, Claire's jackets are perfectly tailored to her body. The first season shows black and camel varieties so definitely stick to the neutral color palette with the outerwear selection.