Jewelry lessons from Emmy nominees

Beloved TV personality Mindy Kaling and "The Voice" host Carson Daly recently announced the contenders for the 2014 Emmy race. Television's most prestigious awards are very competitive this year, with critically-acclaimed and fan favorite series receiving a host of nominations. "Game of Thrones," "Orange is the New Black," and "Breaking Bad" were among the top honorees, as each show and its stars garnered an impressive number of nods.

As you prepare for the event, which will take place Aug. 25, 2014, think about the many style lessons you can learn from the leading ladies and gentlemen. Whether you prefer comedy series like "Veep" or dramatic ones like "Scandal," there are a variety of tips and tricks to take away.

Excited for the Emmys? Keep the following in mind as you're searching through the selections over at Fine Jewelers.

Copying the classic Crawley style
Not one to be seen without a set of elegant accessories, Lady Mary Crawley of "Downton Abbey" is an inspirational icon for those who prefer the classic touch of pearls, gold accessories or headpieces. Whether she's discussing her romantic future with her grandmother or attending a formal ball, Lady Mary never disappoints with her jewelry selections.

If you're especially inspired by Michelle Dockery's leading lady, examine the many Pearl Necklaces, which come in a variety of shades and lengths. For a true Lady Mary cut, opt for a longer string that you can layer over your gown.

Owning the Olivia Pope
Kerry Washington has emerged as one of the most important fashion icons on television. Her "Scandal" alter ego, Olivia Pope, never disappoints – the political fixer sports a variety of colorful and classic ensembles accentuated by a series of stunning jewelry selections. Pope's style is fun to copy whether you're attending a formal event or planning your professional attire, as her choices are frequently acceptable for any event.

While many accessories can be used to supplement your range of outfits, try to find a set of earrings that is both stylish and universal. Opt for an Olivia Pope-inspired set, like Ball Earrings in silver or gold. You can choose studs or danglers, but a set in a simple material can easily embellish any ensemble of your choice.

Learning a little from Lena Dunham
Since its debut in 2012, HBO's "Girls" has received a great deal of critic and fan praise. Lena Dunham's uncensored series that follows a set of friends living in New York City offers girls a less glamorous look into the lives of twenty-somethings in the city. Although she may have little money in the show, Dunham's leading character, Hannah, is anything but drab. She can frequently be seen sporting a series of colorful ensembles, complete with patterns and exciting accessories. 

If you're looking to unleash your inner Hannah, stick with jewelry that will add a bit of fun to your wardrobe. Pick a necklace with a pendant or charm that can be paired with several selections from your closet. An Animal Necklace is a perfect choice, as it not only comes with a simple silver chain, but treats you to a creative and unique option.

A cue from the cast of OITNB
"Orange is the New Black" has emerged as the dark horse of the Emmy race. The series received a whopping 12 nominations over the majority of categories, including Best Series, Lead Actress and Guest Actress. It should come as no surprise that with such a strong female cast, this show is replete with fashion secrets and statements for women of all shapes and ages. 

Laverne Cox has received a great deal of press following her nomination, as it marks the first time a transgender woman has been nominated for the award. Copy her character Sophia and pick a piece of jewelry that is both stylish and sassy – such as a colorful Coral Bracelet.