A fashion lesson from Beyoncé and Blue

Queen Bey is arguably one of the most influential beauty icons of the century. The 32-year-old singer can be seen rocking a variety of fashion-forward looks every time she steps out. From colorful suits in her videos to sequined gowns on tour, Beyoncé continues to set the acceptable standard for women's style.

While the songstress frequently turns heads anytime she's photographed on stage or at a formal event, there are many lessons to learn from the more intimate pictures she posts with her 2-year-old daughter, Blue. As you're picking out the perfect accessories from Fine Jewelers, keep Bey and Blue in mind as you make your selections.

Riveting in red
Beyoncé and Blue can frequently be seen sporting similar styles. While the songstress and her husband, Jay Z, try to keep Blue from the media spotlight, they generally adorn matching looks when traveling together. Recently, the singer uploaded an image to her Instagram that features Blue's hands placed on top of Queen Bey's. Both girls are wearing a bright red polish. 

If you're wearing a similar hue, don't forget to match your accessories to your nail shade. For a bright red similar to Beyoncé's, sport an equally bold ring of the same color. Garnet Rings are a sleek and stylish choice, as they frequently feature a large red gem in the middle with a simple silver band. This hand look is ideal for most occasions, whether you're going to a formal event or shopping with the girls. 

Fancy in floral
Jay, Bey and Blue were recently spotted at a New York art exhibit, where the mother and daughter pair wore frocks of the same fabric. Blue and Beyoncé rocked floral dresses and matching updos. Both gowns featured flowers with pink and green shades set against a white background. 

Fan of floral? Sift through the selection of Enamel Rings, which feature large pink flowers set against silver bands. These products come in a variety of shapes, sizes and shades that are sure to match any floral pattern.

Mother-daughter matching sets
The couple has been spotted rocking similar nails, dresses and bathing suits, allowing Beyoncé's fans to gather a greater understanding of the bond the two girls share. If you and your mother want to show off a similar connection, but fear you may have outgrown wearing matching frocks, consider a jewelry set you two can simultaneously sport. Examine the different sets in the Family Jewelry category, which can be tailored to your mother's interests or favorite gems.