What we can learn from the On The Run tour

Queen Bey and her husband Jay kicked off the highly anticipated On the Run tour in Miami this week – and fans were anything but disappointed. Along with a range of exciting dance routines, catchy numbers and killer outfits, the Carters rocked a range of diverse jewelry options. 

Whether you're prepping your ensemble to catch one of the 16 concerts or you're merely adapting your style to better resemble these two pop culture icons, there are many accessories you can choose from the selection at Fine Jewelers.

This diamond, ***Flawless
Diamonds, silver chains and gold rings were in abundance at the couple's first performance. Not only did Beyoncé sport her impressive engagement ring from Jay Z, but she wore a number of outfits adorned with sequins and glitter – both of which reflect light similar to this timeless gem. If you're looking for flashy ways to incorporate diamonds into your ensembles, opt for a set of sleek diamond cut earrings. These pairs can be short or dangle far past your chin, but they're bound to add a bit of sparkle to your style. 

If you liked it, then you should put a ring on it
When Bey and Jay announced the One the Run tour, they released a promotional movie trailer titled "Run." Some of Hollywood's hottest stars – including Sean Penn and Blake Lively – played minor parts, but Bey's jewelry stole the spotlight. In many different scenes, she's seen sporting some sizable silver rings – accessories fans may expect to see during future shows on the tour. Check out the selection of Agate Rings, as they not only feature a variety of shades, but they're bound to draw attention due to their ornate details. If you're more into the classics, browse through the monochromatic silver and gold options.

I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings
Beyoncé has been singing about her flashy fashion choices since the days of Destiny's Child – and not much has changed in the last 15 years. Throughout the concert, Rolling Stone reported that the duo sang 42 different songs, inspiring Bey to go through several outfit changes throughout the concert. One ensemble she wore while singing both "Yoncé" and "Flawless" was a long-sleeved bodysuit with gold ornaments. When sporting a similar combination of golds and other colors, allow your accessories to bring out the subtle hues in the outfit. Gold bangles, for example, are a simple yet powerful addition.

If anything, I bling yo
​Bey wasn't the only one to enjoy the glamourous outfits and jewelry chioces. Jay kept his choices modest, but rocked a great deal of gold during his songs. He wasn't shy about piling on the gold chains and watches, allowing them to shine along with stage lights as he bounced around the arena. Fine Jewelers has many gold chains to choose from, ideal for any occasion or ensemble. Alternatively, if you want to copy Jay's necklace game, opt for a gold necklace complete with charms or links that will add class to your look.

We dressin​g to the 9
They may not sing many duets on the tour, but the power couple is sure to match their outfits during the time they spend together on stage. During one number, Bey wears a black sparkly onepiece while Hova sports black pants and a leather jacket. The couple isn't known for wearing matching outfits and accessories while out in public, but they do tote similar wedding bands. If you're searching for a wedding or anniversary accessory to match your sweetie, examine the different matching bands