Picking the perfect nontraditional engagement ring

Diamond rings are frequently associated with engagements, but a rising number of blushing brides have opted to go against the grain and adopt less traditional rings to cement their bond. Some women ask for gemstones that signify their birth months while others select those that feature their favorite colors, but the rising number of recently engaged people requesting unique rings has inspired interested parties to learn more about selecting the ideal cut.

As you're sifting through the expansive ring collection at Fine Jewelers, think about these two trends that may affect stone preference.

Celebrity-inspired rocks
InStyle magazine reported on a group of stars from the silver screen whose engagement rings are anything but expected. If you want a band that remains classy – but adds a touch of creativity – think about copying Kate Middleton, whose silver and navy ring features a bevy of diamonds around the surface of a large blue gemstone. For a similar style, look at the selection of Sapphire bands, which feature a large blue stone in the middle as well. 

If you want your ring to make more of a statement, look to Ashlee Simpson for inspiration. Simpson's engagement ring features a variety of red, gold and silver hues – and boasts an impressive size. The entire ring is in the shape of a large pointed oval, almost resembling an eye. To achieve an equally bold cut, examine the Lab Created Ruby rings, which come in a variety of sizes, shapes and bands. 

Take a hint from Hollywood
Some women who request unconventional bands may want to look to some of Hollywood's classic movies and TV shows when selecting a cut. Fan of the film "Titanic"? Check out Iolite rings, many of which boast a large gemstone similar to the Heart of the Ocean flaunted by Rose throughout the duration of the movie. Be sure to select a style with a silver band to truly emulate the protagonist's neckwear.

How about "Harry Potter"? Whether you feel as though you identify as Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, there's a perfect selection for you. If your defining trait is courageousness, opt for the Created Fire Opal rings, which blend Gryffindor's two main colors, red and gold. Alternatively, if you're a bit more on the sly side, be sure to examine the Emerald selection, which better represent Slytherin.