‘Game of Thrones’ inspired looks to sport

HBO's thrilling fantasy series "Game of Thrones" may have wrapped up its latest season, but the fashion cues we've gained from the series are timeless. Whether you're trying to copy the Khalessi's hair or Melisandre's makeup game, there are a variety of looks and styles to steal from the show.

In addition to the elaborate ensembles donned by the majority of the cast, many wear accessories that help accentuate and diversify outfits. Just because you don't live in Westeros, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy rocking "Game of Thrones" inspired items found from Fine Jewelers.

As you browse through the options, keep the following in mind to best emulate the series:

It's all in the neckwear
Accessories in King's Landing serve a greater purpose for characters than merely style – some pieces are integral plot points for the series, as was the case with Sansa's golden necklace she donned toward the beginning of the fourth season. This item had a golden base accentuated by several small blue beads. The piece perfectly complemented actress Sophie Turner's natural red locks, but the dangling pendants proved to be integral to the progression of the show's storyline.

Interested in wearing an accessory similar to Sansa's iconic piece? Then consider an Abalone necklace, which blends shades of blues and greens prominently displayed on pendants. Alternatively, if you're looking for a piece with a similar hue of light blue, search through the Blue Topaz necklaces, which feature this small gemstone in a number of different ways.

Steal these looks from the leading ladies
While Sansa's selections may have seen a great deal of attention in the books, other leading ladies frequently sport stylish additions each week. Cersei, arguably the series' main antagonist, is the master at rocking pendants to accentuate her deep Vs. A little charm goes a long way with this look, so if you're wearing a similar cut, be sure to pick a pendant with a lot of attitude, like the Green Amethyst.

In addition to the pendants Cersei frequently flaunts, she has a habit of showing off large rings adorned with similarly beautiful stones. For the true "Game of Thrones" fanatic, opt for a Created Fire Opal Ring – a style that not only allows you to don a seriously sparkly gem, but also wear a blend of the House Lannister colors, gold and red.