Hillary Clinton rocks statement jewelry at book signing

Hillary Clinton has been making waves in the media recently, as several news outlets try to discover whether the former secretary of state will be running for the presidential nomination in 2016. Whether she's meeting with world leaders or planning governmental policies, the 66-year-old does so in style, rocking bold colors and classic accessories ideal for any occasion.

Clinton recently traveled to Toronto to complete a book signing for "Hard Choices," a nonfiction account of her time spent as secretary of state. While many people were present to honor her writing, others were impressed with her fashion choices.

The former first lady sported a teal dress, complete with a large, aqua statement necklace made from gemstones. Some people prefer not to stack colors when planning an ensemble, but Clinton's decision worked in her favor, as the hues blended very well to craft a coherent look. If you're wearing a similar shade, consider a turquoise necklace from Fine Jewelers, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Statement jewelry can add definition to any outfit, no matter which shade you select. Browse the selection of chunky necklaces in a variety of colors, most of which can be paired with a range of additional accessories.

In addition to her colorful neckwear, Clinton also rocked a set of similar earrings, which consisted of large aqua gems connected to a gold base. Opt for a set of turquoise earrings when recreating this look. Unlike other shades, this playful color can be paired with several other colors, including yellows, reds, blacks, whites, blues and even greens. 

Clinton sported no obvious accessories around her wrist, but they may have been masked by long sleeves, or omitted all together. If your ideal ensemble has shorter sleeves, or you wish to wear a string of stylish bangles, consider some aquamarine bracelets, which can either be bold or chic, based on your preference.