Add a little Frizzle to your outfit

For some children in the 1990s, the perfect Saturday morning consisted of sipping on some hot chocolate, laying out in a onesie and flicking on the television to enjoy some good old fashion education alongside Ms. Frizzle and the entire gang from "The Magic School Bus." The New York Times explains that children no longer have to rely upon reruns to get their fix of this show, as Netflix will be revamping the series in 2016, bringing back concepts and characters loved by children across the world, including the infamous Ms. Frizzle.

While some people remember Ms. Frizzle for her ability to transform mundane topics into thrilling adventures, others recall her distinct sense of style that went on to inspire a wave of individuals breaking into the scholastic realm. The iconic teacher's fashion sense is marked by colorful shapes and outfits tailored to the topic at hand. She sports few accessories – save for an impressive collection of earrings and charms. Consider the following ways you can celebrate the return of "The Magic School Bus" by donning your favorite items from Fine Jewelers.

Tailor your earrings to your outings
Earrings are some of the easiest additions to an outfit. These accessories come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures ideal for any occasion. Take a cue from Ms. Frizzle and start building your expansive earring collection, purchasing sets to match your every mood. For a flighty and fun adventure, stock up on a pair of coral earrings, which can not only add a pop of color to your outfit, but are also lightweight enough to sport to any spot. If you're more intrigued by shapes, consider a pair of unconventional turquoise earrings.

Check out the charm collection 
Ms. Frizzle doesn't frequently wear bracelets, but she does have a penchant for donning relevant pictures on her dresses. Instead of adding these images to your clothing, consider carting them on a charm bracelet. These accessories can easily adapt to the situation at hand, whether you're arranging charms to suit a particular event or to match a certain outfit. Charms from Fine Jewelers range from animals to bikes to sports, all of which can be easily collected and combined to form a statement.

Stock up on statement necklaces
When Ms. Frizzle returns in 2016, she may undergo a 21st century makeover, including additional accessories more representative of current fashion trends. One of the boldest, most colorful new trends emerging in the jewelry realm is statement necklaces – or chunky neck ornaments of various shades. Examine the selection of turquoise necklaces, for example, which feature large green and blue pearls, ideal for adding attitude to any outfit.