3 sizzling summer jewelry trends

The temperatures are rising, and as we all eagerly rotate our wardrobes for summer-ready attire, we're changing up our jewelry as well. While certain pieces, like a simple pair of crystal studs or a chunky gold cuff, continue to be a mainstay in our collections, there are some unexpected trends that are popping up this season.

Here are a few pieces you'll want to pick up from Fine Jewelers before summer starts.

Personalized pieces
No two people are the same, so why should their jewelry be? Everyone has their own individual sense of style, which is why personalization is becoming ultra popular. It's much easier to express your own unique tastes with a necklace that you've given a special touch. Whether an initial necklace or a monogram bracelet, these pieces make a statement, and they're also a timeless addition to any jewelry box. Of course, this trend is not entirely new – remember Carrie's necklace in "Sex and the City"? Yet as more celebs have been seen rocking pendants engraved with their children's names, they have proved that it's possible to think outside the box with customized jewels.

Snake-inspired baubles
Ever since stars started sporting jewelry with a snake motif, this look has been heating up on fashion runways, as well as city sidewalks. People magazine cited Naomi Watts' Bulgari necklace, which she wore to a red carpet event, as a good example. While from the back, it appears to be simply a diamond-studded silver chain, in the front is an eye-catching snake head and gem-encrusted tail. The piece is both glamorous and dramatic – the perfect choice for standing out at an awards show. People also pointed to Dakota Fanning's pair of serpentine bracelets, which wrapped around her wrists, and Jessica Alba's snake rings, as other examples of the rising trend. Still, Sophia Bush's snake ear cuff may win out as the edgiest interpretation of the look.

Delicate necklaces
For those who are a little tired of the statement necklace, Oh So Cynthia has good news: It's all about delicate necklaces this summer. The trend makes sense, too – as we're swapping heavy sweaters for flouncy blouses and tank tops, we might as well lighten up out jewelry, too. The pieces this season have a certain elegance, with slender gleaming metal chains and small pendants or stones. Impossibly demure, these necklaces pair perfectly with the floral frocks, eyelet skirts and other ultra feminine garments that are worn in the warmer months.