Trend alert: How to rock rose gold

There's no denying it: Rose gold is on the rise in almost every respect, but particularly in regard to jewelry. With celebrities, fashion models and style bloggers alike sporting baubles in this pink-tinged metal, it's become clear that this is no passing trend. Fortunately, rose gold is actually super versatile, and pairs nicely with a variety of different kinds of jewelry and outfits. In fact, this metal can work no matter what look you're going for, as long as you artfully combine it with the right pieces. Certain finishes and styles will enhance the inherent beauty of rose gold, while others will compete with its stunning qualities.

Rose gold has a distinctive look, which means you should incorporate it into your wardrobe in an equally special way.

Before you browse the collection at Fine Jewelers, here are some tips for bringing out rose gold's unmatched radiance.

Consider copper
If you're wondering how rose gold gets its hue, the cause is copper. The rosier the metal, the more copper it contains. So it should go without saying that pairing rose gold with copper jewels simply makes sense. Whether you're stacking rings or layering necklaces in these two metals, the resulting look will be just a little bit eclectic but completely enchanting.

Go for warmth
Some stones really make rose gold glow. For example, any reddish gems, as well as coral, complement its warm overtones. Another good option is rose quartz, which seamlessly blends into the metal, adding to its appeal without overpowering it.

By the same token, peach or salmon garments look phenomenal with rose gold jewelry. There are other hues that work well with rose gold as well. Snob Affair noted that earth tones, like brown and tan, are an optimal choice. What about a slouchy charcoal cropped sweater with a chunky rose gold chain-link necklace? Or even a nude knit frock with an oversized rose gold cuff on your wrist?

Contrast creatively
To make these pieces really stand out, look for other finishes and stones that differ significantly in color. For example, any cool-colored gems look particularly striking against this metal. Try a turquoise cocktail ring with a rose gold bracelet on the same hand for a look that's especially eye-catching. Don't forget that the same rule applies to your attire – seafoam green or teal clothes are a chic pairing with rose gold jewels.

Be selective with silver…
Contrary to what you might think, you can mix silver with rose gold. In fact, the combination can be rather alluring. The key is to opt for a duller silver with a softer finish. A bright and shiny silver might distract from the rose gold, stealing the spotlight among your accessories. 

…And with yellow gold
You can also easily wear yellow gold with rose gold. However, Lucky magazine advised choosing a darker antique yellow gold or a green gold, which is less likely to clash due to contrasting undertones.

Coordinate for a chic effect
There's no reason you can't really play up your rose gold baubles by incorporating the metal into other aspects of your ensemble. So try sporting shoes or a belt with accents in this metal, or a clutch with rose gold grommets.

Have fun with it
Remember that there are no real rules when it comes to rose gold. That means that you should feel free to mix and match it in a multitude of ways – and not just with alternate metals. Stack rose gold bangles in a variety of textures for an intriguing effect, layer necklaces in different lengths, or slip on rings in varying thicknesses.