All about eternity bands

Wedding season is underway, and as many couples finalize their decisions for bands, they should consider the option of eternity bands. A more glamorous alternative to the typical wedding band, these rings represent eternal love – and what could be more romantic than that? Further, these bands have the bling factor on their side. With a multitude of stones all around the ring, they definitely offer the most sparkle for your spending. One of the most common occasions for eternity bands are anniversaries. It makes sense, too – many styles feature three stones that symbolize the past, present and future.

The fact is, eternity rings can be given for birthdays, holidays and other significant events in your relationship as well as anniversaries. When to give one of these stunning rings is up to you – now all you need to do is pick the perfect one from Fine Jewelers.

Here's what you need to know prior to buying:

Metal matters
One of the first things you'll need to consider is the metal of the band, as it plays a major role in the overall look. Silver, gold and platinum are the most traditional choices, and each have their own advantages. While silver is the least expensive of the three precious metals, but it is also softer and prone to tarnishing. By polishing and cleaning it regularly, however, you can avoid the metal from oxidizing and becoming discolored. Gold is tarnish-resistant and inarguably stunning, but is also the least durable. However, gold can be mixed with other metal alloys to make it stronger. For example, rose gold, which has become an increasingly popular choice, is made by mixing copper with pure gold. Additionally, gold with a platinum metal coating has added strength. Platinum is perhaps the most common metal for this kind of jewelry as it is both durable and luxurious. Palladium, which is in the same group as platinum and very similar, is a less expensive alternative. Titanium is ultra durable as well as affordable, and it can be tinted different colors. While stainless steel is also inexpensive and less likely to tarnish or rust, it is prone to scratches from everyday wear.

Size smarts
It's crucial to take sizing into account as an eternity ring is meant to be a piece you wear forever. Keep in mind that it's impossible to have a band sized up or down if it has diamonds wrapped around it. You may need to add or remove diamonds, and it will still be difficult not to disrupt the overall look of the ring. That's why you should be sure the ring fits comfortably but snugly. Also note that your hands may swell during the summer months or shrink when it's cold. You may want to consider a diamond half-band, which will give you the flexibility to resize as needed, without ruining the ring, whether your fingers change size due to pregnancy, aging or any other factor.

Additionally, you might want to look into certain comfort features that can be included on eternity rings. These rounded inserts are made of the same metal as the band, and can wrap all the way around the inside to prevent marks on your fingers imprinted by the ring's edges. They can be included on rings with or without prongs.

Damage control
Of course, diamonds are one of the hardest substances in existence. That doesn't mean they are immune to damage whatsoever. Even opening doors or holding keys can risk the appearance of your ring if it has diamonds on the underside. This is why many people, particularly those who work with their hands, will opt for a diamond half-band – you may wear down the metal at the base, but this can be resolved by having a jeweler reinforce the metal. Replacing diamonds is a much more costly process.