Make the Oscars’ red carpet looks your own

While some members of the public may prefer to watch the Academy Awards purely to see whose performances throughout the year were deemed worthy of the gold, others could be more fashion-focused. It is not difficult to understand why the Oscars tend to be the awards ceremony that generates the most hype within the style community: Onlookers are able to ooh and ahh over the crème de la crème of Hollywood as these stars give it their all when it comes to dressing to impress. This year's red carpet was anything but disappointing, and celebrities' bold accessory statements are bound to shape mainstream fashion – so stay ahead of the curve and incorporate pieces from Fine Jewelers' that emulate those worn by A-listers.

Cate shone in Armani
As usual, the elegant and poised Cate Blanchett was a vision of sophistication at the Oscars. Wearing a golden gown designed by Giorgio Armani, the award-winning actress, who brought home a coveted statuette for her performance in "Blue Jasmine", looked like a glowing divinity.

Even though Blanchett looked so goddess-like that it does not feel right for your mortal eyes to gaze at her directly, you may want to show some courage and examine her ensemble so you can recreate it with your own wardrobe. For instance, just look at those earrings the star flaunted and try not to get your hands on a similar pair – it's impossible.

Mimicking the crystal and gold beading embellishing her Armani gown, Blanchett's earrings were big and bold enough to wow without competing for attention with the star's dress. These long dangling earrings nearly grazed her shoulders, featuring a sunburst of crystals at the very end of a line of gems. If you are looking to sport earrings that are as glamorous as Cate's so that you can add a bit of ornate interest to any evening outfit, then look no further than Fine Jewelers. 

Charlize donned Dior
Another seasoned style icon, Charlize Theron, nailed her Oscars red carpet ensemble this year with a refined black number that would have made even Audrey Hepburn drool. The stunning starlet wore, not surprisingly, Dior. Her black gown showed off her hour-glass figure in every way possible. Not only did this black dress boast a slim mermaid silhouette, but it also made the overall ensemble more dramatic, thanks to a layered train.

Despite the eye-catching appeal of her gown's curvy elements, Theron managed to direct attention to the top of her outfit. If the plunging neckline had not been enough to bring onlookers' gaze upwards, the actress decided to highlight her upper half with the help of a brilliantly shining diamond necklace by Harry Winston. After stringing around her neck, these sparkling strings met in the middle by her collarbone, dropping down to hold a ball of diamonds.

In all likelihood, you aren't able to run out and purchase these kinds of jewels on your own. However, if you grab a more affordable pendant necklace, you can add the same amount of jazz to your own ensemble. 

Lupita looked fresh, yet sassy
If simplicity is more your style, then you may want to take an approach to accessorizing similar to that of Lupita Nyong'o. Overall, the actress went for a fresher and more youthful red carpet look than the other ultra-sophisticated starlets. Donning a pale baby blue dress that complemented her complexion perfectly, the celebrity embodied innocence – well, almost.

With a neckline that nearly hit her navel, Nyong'o was able to convey a sense of maturity with her flowing pleated dress that otherwise may have appeared too angelic. To finish off her look, the star wore a jeweled headband and placed coiled bangles on her arm. These pieces gave her outfit polish and could do the same for you should explore all the options that would let you make an equally as breathtaking impression.