Select the wedding band of your dreams

With warm weather coming up ahead, the wedding season is also quickly approaching. If your date is only a couple of calendar flips away, chances are that you are going to have to start thinking about rings. While adding yet another item to your ever-growing nuptial to-do list may not be desirable, picking out the perfect band doesn't have to be a stressful process. By keeping a few factors in mind, you and your beau can select the right rings from Fine Jewelers with little to no effort required. 

One of the first questions that you will want to consider is whether you want your wedding band to be simple or have some sparkle. If you are looking for a band that is on the glitzy side – and who would blame you – then you should be careful to choose a piece outfitted with high-quality diamonds so that you can embellish your finger with optimal flash. 

Consider size and practicality
Wedding Ideas Magazine explained that while it may be tempting to go as grand as can be in terms of the size of your wedding band diamonds, you could be better off picking a ring with smaller stones. For one thing, if you and your husband-to-be are on a budget, selecting a ring with larger stones at a less expensive price may force you to compromise the clarity and color of the diamond. Instead, you could pick a model that has more modest stones that are of a more refined quality, which will up the sparkle factor.

Not to mention, you have to think about your band from a long-term, logistical standpoint. More often than not, people wear their wedding rings all day, every day. If you are planning to keep your band on your finger until death do you part, then you have to consider all the regular activities that you may be doing over the course of your life that may be impacted by your ring. Taking all of these into account, you may realize that committing to a ring that is not big or bulky could be beneficial in the grand scheme of things: You won't have it knocking into items, becoming caught on things or getting scratched. 

Work with what you've got
Additionally, no matter which route you take when choosing a wedding band, you will want a style that offsets your engagement ring in the best way possible. It can be easy to take this opportunity to pick out whatever style band you want without giving it much more thought than whether you think it's pretty. However, you shouldn't ignore the ring you have already received, but rather acknowledge that it is part of the whole package so you best select a band that works well with it.

Wedding Ideas Magazine pointed out that you need to factor in your engagement ring in two ways. First of all, you will want to consider the aesthetics, ensuring that the styles match. For starters, this means that your metals shouldn't clash. If your fiancé gave you a platinum engagement ring, then you will want to shy away from bands in yellow gold. In addition, the stones should look pleasant when placed side-by-side. If each piece has colored stones – either alone or on top of diamonds – then you will want to be certain that these gems look tasteful as an ensemble.

Once you know your rings will work on a superficial level, you should also think in more practical terms. You need to try on both pieces of jewelry together so that you know neither is overlapping or getting in the way of the other. As soon as you determine they can be worn together, you will be ready to walk down the aisle and slip that band on your finger for good.