Amp up your vamp style like the stars

Chances are that if you have paid attention to pop culture as of late, you have noticed that vampires have managed to make their way into mainstream trends – and don't seem to be going anywhere fast. While you may have an affinity for blood-sucking literature, there could be other areas of your life that you want to leave untouched by the undead, such as your wardrobe, and justifiably so. If the recent premiere of "Vampire Academy" has taught us one thing, though, it's that you can incorporate subtle hints of ghoul without looking as if you were wearing a costume. By taking cues from these celebrities' ensembles, you can recreate your own look using pieces from Fine Jewelers.

Sarah Hyland fearlessly flaunts silver
The real show-stopper at the premiere in Los Angeles was actress Sarah Hyland. Wearing a rusty crimson-colored dress that fell below the knee, the starlet's outfit gave a slight nod to the movie's vampire subject matter. If the color of her A-line ensemble juxtaposed against her stark black stilettos wasn't enough, the fitted bodice added an extra dimension of gothic chic.

Although some eyes are bound to be drawn to the plentiful skin that Hyland showed, attention should be paid above the shoulders. The actress wore sleek and straight hair, letting it drape down her back. While most of her makeup was kept to a minimum, the one feature that she was sure to show off was her eyes. Framing them in jet black liner that took a dramatic turn upward at the outer end of her lashes, the celeb made a powerful statement that was classic yet still catered toward the theme of the night. 

Lastly, Hyland showed that even the most stylish of vampires shouldn't shy away from silver with the addition of white crystal studs. These silver earrings polished off her look and bring together the various elements making up her outfit, providing just the right amount of shine to her look without competing with the flowing details of her dress.

If you want to emulate the actress, you can include a couple of choice pieces in your outfit that may channel this cultural phenomenon, but not in an overt manner. You can replicate Hyland's silky locks and use some liquid liner to recreate her bold eye makeup, putting on a pair of ruby earrings to tie the entire look together. With this blend of styles and colors, you can allude to vampires in a vague way, which would ultimately show just how fashion-forward you are without seeming like you're taking next year's Halloween costume for a test drive.

Debby Ryan isn't afraid of that dark – or neon 
Another one of the best dressed gals of the evening was Debby Ryan. The stunning redhead decided to stick with black and white for the bulk of her outfit. She paired a billowy color blocked top, which had a black neckline that directed viewers' gaze right up to her face, with a pair of black cigarette jeans. While this combination could be considered pretty standard, seeming to be composed of staple pieces that anyone would pull out of her closet on a Friday night, Ryan used accessories to punch up the intensity of this ensemble. 

The actress turned up the vampire volume by adding fierce pieces like electric yellow shoes, as well as black and silver bangles. If you want to create a similar look, you should think about spicing up your basic jeans and blouse combo with citrine rings or perhaps peridot pendants.With the addition of these pieces, you can integrate a touch of fang-worthy fashion into your clothing repertoire.