Stick to white or switch to color for spring accessorizing

As we reach the final stretch of the winter months, the promise of spring is especially enticing this year thanks to the tempting accessory trends on the horizon. Whether you decide to carry over your winter white or switch it up by adding some delicate pastel embellishments to your wardrobe, you will certainly find the perfect pieces for the upcoming season at Fine Jewelers.

Even though you may be excited to ditch your bulky sweaters and muted tones, exchanging them for lighter and brighter ensembles, there is still a fair amount of time between you and warmer weather. Because of this, now is the time to pick up a couple of staple accessories that would transition seamlessly from winter to spring.

Brooke Danielson for Glamour magazine explained that the frigid temperatures and icy landscape should serve as your jewelry inspiration. Take a look around: The pure appearance of white snow offset by glistening ice accents could flawlessly translate into ideal accessories for the rest of the winter season.

Wear white in winter and spring
For the time being, you should look to pair these white pieces with your cold gear. You can kick your cashmere sweater up a notch by polishing it off with a chunky crystal necklace or a white topaz ring. Making such an addition to your outfit would add not only a bit of interest, but also a much-needed dose of light to your winter wear.

During the colder months, it can be easy to err on the side of comfort in terms of your clothing. However, including pieces that shine with sophistication may be the antidote to any gloomy wardrobe ruts in which you could be stuck. Not to mention, the real beauty of white and silver jewelry is that it can be worn in any weather. Although you plan to pack up all that wool, you can still don these timeless treasures, which look even better when they are mixed with bright hues.

Warm up your look with color
That being said, you may want to ditch everything reminiscent of winter as soon as spring arrives. If you are going with an "out with the old, and in with the new" mentality, you should incorporate a couple of the hottest colors into your accessory repertoire. According to Pantone, the shades to snag include Dazzling Blue and Hemlock, which you can seamlessly add with sapphire pendants or emerald earrings. With these pieces purchased, you will be ready to wear all of spring's incredible looks.