Exchange attractive anniversary rings at your vow renewal

To counteract the seemingly constant news of two-minute marriages plaguing Hollywood, it is important that couples still in love years after saying "I do" celebrate their ongoing unions. If you and your honey have been together for some time, why not recognize your bond with family and friends by having a vow renewal? By putting together a simple ceremony and reception, planning everything from the flower arrangements to your anniversary rings, you can surround yourselves with loved ones and honor your lasting connection.

Even though you can arrange a vow renewal for any time after you are married, you may find it extra special to hold it on a milestone anniversary. The beauty of waiting a sizeable chunk of time before having one of these ceremonies is that you allow everyone – yourselves included – to actually enjoy this new momentous occasion without having it overshadow your wedding day. For this reason, you should consider waiting until a pretty impressive anniversary, anywhere from 10 to 50 plus years.

Plan the perfect renewal
After picking a date, you will have to sort out all kinds of details in preparation for this celebration. While you don't have to make it as an extravagant of an event as your original wedding, you will still have to make many of the same arrangements.

For starters, you have to settle on a ceremony site, in addition to a venue where you can hold the reception. If you want to keep it low-key, then you may want to think about just using your home or one belonging to someone from your inner circle. You then have to determine your decorations, which could be as simple as strings of white lights and freshly cut flowers from your garden or as intricate as ornate centerpieces and crystal accents.

Lastly, you have to decide on an officiant. This is easy enough, as vow renewals, unlike weddings, have no legal component. As a result, you can pick just about anyone to fill this role. Some individuals like to have the person who married them officiate the ceremony for nostalgia's sake, but you can make it more personal by having your children or close friends do the job.

On top of all these tasks, you will have to figure out your vows. If you can find them, you should think about reciting the same vows that you said at your weddings. This is a sweet gesture and lets you reminisce about how you felt about each other at the beginning of your union. However, if you want to highlight new emotions that have developed since the start of your marriage or reference major occurrences that have shaped your relationship, you could always start from scratch or incorporate them into your previous vows.

Remember those rings
Once you have worked out the logistics, you can do the fun stuff like pick your wardrobe – and, more importantly, your rings. As was the case with your actual wedding, the exchange of rings is a physical gesture that symbolizes a commitment to stay faithful and promise to continue loving each other. Because of this, it is important to include a presentation of anniversary rings in your vow renewal ceremony.

You probably want to be sure that the rings you purchase are the right representations of you as a couple. For this reason, you should peruse your options wisely, taking a good look at each model from Fine Jewelers before deciding which one serves as the perfect embodiment of your emotions. Not to mention, these options are quite glitzy, letting you add a little sparkle to your finger after all these years of marriage.