Dress up a trendy wedding jumpsuit with traditional jewels

While some women may be waiting for that priceless moment when their boyfriends whip out an engagement ring and pop the question, others are already well on their way to planning their nuptials. If you are one of the lucky gals to have a wedding date quickly approaching, your mind may be constantly trying to sort out every detail of your day. Your bridal ensemble may be a major concern, but you can quell any worry by pairing one of the trendiest gown styles this year with the perfect accessories from Fine Jewelers.

The traditional wedding cake topper type of dress is not for everyone. Each year, the fashion industry introduces alternatives to conventional gowns, and 2014 is no exception. However, what really makes this year's selection of styles stand apart from ones prior is the inclusion of an entirely different look: the wedding jumpsuit.

That's right, bridal chic has taken a completely new turn with the emergence of this edgy yet elegant silhouette. Sure, the world of wedding clothes is no stranger to sportier styles, but the jumpsuits appearing on aisles everywhere are a far cry from pieces like your mother's pantsuit.

The jumpsuit has already infiltrated other areas of style, ranging from everyday rompers to sophisticated red carpet looks. Now they are making their way to weddings with designers such as J. Crew, Rivini and Lanvin coming up with their own versions. That being said, these icons have not abandoned tradition all together, and most of their getups feature typical bridal elements, such as quality lace, and romantic details like scalloped edges.

Make your own mark on this trend
Do you think this trend is for you? Even if you have settled on wearing one of these cute and fun jumpsuits on your big day, you could still be mulling over your options when it comes to accessorizing. You can take your ensemble to the next level of fashion-forwardness by adding some beautiful bridal touches like bold ruby earrings.

If you decide on a jumpsuit with a low neckline, you may want to incorporate interest and color up by your collarbone with a sparkling necklace. There is a wide variety of these pieces in various styles and stones, and you can pick one that best reflects your day. Although you may want to select a necklace based on your wedding color scheme, you could go with one of the amethyst pendants, as purple hues are very in this season.