Metallic jewelry and glitzy gems stole the show at the Golden Globes

Awards season has officially begun, as Hollywood's A-list pulled out all the stops at this year's Golden Globes. While some spectators may have been curious about who was going to take home all those shiny trophies, others zeroed in on a different type of precious metal. With so many celebrity ensembles deserving accolades of their own, a number of viewers directed their attention to the jewelry accents used to take stars' looks to a whole new level of glam.

Jessica Chastain pays homage to old Hollywood
Was there anything more breathtaking than the windswept hairstyle that Jessica Chastain rocked? Chances are that the majority of the female gender would venture to say no. At some point or another, almost every woman has probably envisioned having her hair look like she just went horseback riding on a sunset beach in Bora Bora – and by golly, Chastain did it. 

Not only did this smooth yet voluminous 'do ensure that every inch of the star's striking face was unobscured, but it also guaranteed that her jewelry was in the spotlight where it belonged. The actress wore an incredible necklace by Bvlgari that complemented her black gown, which made her look like a sophisticated version of another famous Jessica – Rabbit, of course. This double-strand of diamonds gave her outfit one final touch of old Hollywood elegance, in addition to bringing everyone's attention back to her face.

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Zooey Deschanel nails it again
It comes as no surprise that one of the most prominent show stoppers who graced the Golden Globes red carpet was Zooey Deschanel. Truthfully, this girl can do very little wrong when it comes to making a fashion statement, and this event was no exception.

The New Girl star wore a champagne number by Oscar de la Renta that boasted a full glittery tulle skirt and a cropped bodice that was embellished with pearls. Deschanel did not pass up an opportunity to accessorize her vintage-meets–contemporary outfit. In addition to her beaded clutch and shoes, she capitalized on her chance to shine with some jewelry pieces.

With an antique-style diamond bracelet and a glimmering cocktail ring, the actress reinforced the romantic feel that her dress had already established. To top it all of, Deschanel added a flower to her up-do, as well as a pair of vintage earrings that seemed to be art deco-inspired blooms.

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Watch what Naomi Watts wore
Last, but certainly not least, the stunning Naomi Watts led the fashion pack with her sparkling silver sheath dress by Tom Ford. The actress went a more simplistic route in terms of her hair, having it down in a sleek shoulder-length style. This allowed all of the focus to be directed to her metallic halter dress, which skimmed the contours of her slim figure flawlessly.

To take her ensemble to the next degree of chic, Watts boldly outset her silver silhouette with chunky, gold-toned accents. Her necklace, for example, was an exaggerated chain piece, which brought some warm hues closer to her face. On top of this, the celebrity placed a coiled cuff bracelet around her wrist. 

Taking notes from Watts' golden style choices at the Globes, fans could expect items similar to the must-have accessories for any outfit. By incorporating some prominent pieces that echo the star's selections, anyone could look award-winning.