Brooklyn style looks all grown up at the season premiere of “Girls”

In recent years, the quaint New York City borough of Brooklyn has earned recognition as a fashion epicenter all on its own. While residents in this area have fought long and hard to stylistically set themselves apart from the rest of the Big Apple, it may not have been until the emergence of the hit HBO television series "Girls" that this nook of New York was placed in the spotlight that it deserves.

Now its third season, "Girls" continues to showcase a cast of well-dressed 20-somethings, all of whom have a distinct sense of style. Though these ladies have stayed true to their characters' Brooklyn roots, everything from their dress selections to their accessory choices have assumed a tinge of sophistication, which shows a degree of maturity throughout their otherwise boho chic ensembles.

Do you want to mix up your own wardrobe by incorporating some "Girls" glamour? You can replicate the stars' hip, youthful looks with a few pieces from Fine Jewelers. Use the recent premiere of the show's third season as your guide – an event where the who's who of the fashion industry was in attendance.

Lena Dunham flaunts mixed metal hues
Although this talented actress and witty writer opted to forgo jewelry, she still made a statement that you can surely echo with your wardrobe selections. Dunham showed that quirky individuals can also go classic, as she sported Rochas. This girl went all out when it came to sequins, having both her stilettos and her gown bedazzled. What's the catch? The elements of her ensemble were different tints of this cool metal, which adds a bit of a twist to traditional takes on monochromatic colors.  

Although some people may have reservations about mixing metal tones, Lena demonstrates that you can be this bold while still looking elegant. You can easily translate this trend by pairing various pieces from Fine Jewelers made from different materials. This way, you can convey that you're fearless, daring to wear items in a manner that is outside the mold.

Gild your little black dress like Zosia Mamet
As many women already know, there are few articles of clothing that can outdo a slinky black minidress. Mamet paid homage to this conventional staple of the female closet by wearing a tight Yves Saint Laurent getup with a high hemline and a low neck. However, the star added some gold accessories, including a couple of chunky cuff bracelets that appeared reminiscent of Cleopatra.

By taking something as simple and plain as a stark black dress, you can still pique aesthetic interest with the inclusion of a few items of flashy jewelry. In the end, taking this scaled-back approach to style gives you a bit more wiggle room in the rest of your look, allowing you to try out a crazy lip color or an adventurous hairstyle.

Allison Williams pumps up the glitz
Williams is the epitome of flirty femininity, and this premiere was no exception. Donning a sparkling Dior cocktail dress, she looked radiant. Though you may not be able to afford haute couture, you can still look like a million bucks.

Purchase a whole slew of necklaces and layer them so that they will have a similar effect as William's shining bodice. Don't go overboard with gems, though. Like the actress, you should dial back the rest of your jewelry.

Exude a vintage air like Jemima Kirke
​It's no surprise that this star, the daughter of designer Lorraine Kirke, was dressed to the nines. She flaunted a silk embroidered gown from her mother's line Geminola that draped effortlessly in all the right places. To complement her dress, Kirke wore teardrop earrings that highlighted her blue eyes perfectly.

You, too, can put on some aquamarine earrings to bring your look to the next level. These pieces will add just the right amount of color to any outfit without being excessive or loud.