1970s accessories make a comeback thanks to “American Hustle” styles

Even if you haven't been able to squeeze in some screen time to see the recently released "American Hustle," the trailers have likely had you oohing and ahhing over the film's fashions. Sure, this movie may be on your must-see list because it looks intriguing.

That said, the 1970s-inspired looks alone are enough to drag you down to the box office so that you can take avid notes in the hopes of recreating Amy Adams' and Jennifer Lawrences' styles – from their dramatic duds right down to their bold jewelry selections. You can easily emulate these A-list ladies, completing your ensembles with the perfect pieces from Fine Jewelers.

What exactly influenced the movie's costume director, Michael Wilkinson, as he put together the characters' wardrobes? Well, it was all about the '70s, with touch of glamorous flair to add some polish. 

New York Daily cited Wilkson, who explained why he took visions of the so-called "Me Decade" and ran with them. 

"They had ideas, they lived large and they took risks," Wilkinson said of the 1970s fashionistas.

Don't hustle when throwing together your look
If you are hoping to embody the spirit of this film, then you are going to have to do the very same thing when it comes to piecing together your looks, including your jewelery. You need to think big, bold and borderline flashy.

For example, a number of the silhouettes worn by the leading ladies throughout the film featured plunging necklines. What better way to replicate this look than getting your hands on some flouncy blouses that dip a little lower than usual, highlighting them with the sparkle of a pendant necklace from Fine Jewelers? Nothing else would let you exude the ample amount of confidence that Adams and Lawrence did during "American Hustle."

Flaunting that much skin is not for everyone, though. Because of this, you could always take a more modest take on 1970s accents. Just look at Amy Adams' approach at the premier of this film. While she definitely stayed true to the decade with a sleek, yet full-bodied hairstyle, she finished off her look with some delicate, yet iridescent earrings. If you wish to follow her lead, you can pull off the same style by fluffing up your hair to give it extra lift, smoothing it with some spray so that it stays in place and then finally throwing on a pair of colorful studs, such as some sapphire earrings, that add a little twinkle right by your face.