Jewelry trends to watch in 2014

As the year comes to an end, fashion mavens everywhere are excitedly anticipating a whole new host of jewelry trends. Itching to swap out some of your baubles for some new ones from Fine Jewelers? There are a few looks that are bound to make a big splash this year. So if you're hoping to catch some admiring stares in the coming months, you'll definitely want to incorporate these kinds of jewels into your collection.

From the sidewalk to the red carpet, these are a few of the major trends you'll be seeing in 2014:

Vivid stones
Vibrant colors will be everywhere this year, according to Pantone. The worldwide color authority released their Fashion Color Report for Spring 2014, and it included a multitude of brights like Freesia, Celosia Orange and Radiant Orchid. Stunning shades like Placid Blue and Dazzling Blue were also in their report, meaning that aquamarine, sapphire and other gemstones in this hue will likely be very popular, especially in terms of engagement rings.

Multicolored bangles
You may have been sporting stacked bangles for years, but in 2014, it's all about mixing metals. Layering yellow gold and copper or silver and rose​ gold, for example, results in an eclectic look that's especially eye-catching. You can also mix textures by combining shiny bangles with hammered ones, or stack bracelets in varying thicknesses.

Chunky chain necklaces
Of course, the statement necklace never goes out of style. However, JustLuxe noted that chunky metal chains will be a primary trend this year, and the look will also translate to coordinating link bracelets. Some may have detailing like metal knots or padlocks, while others will be simplistic in design. Regardless, these pieces go with just about any ensemble and can even be layered for a bold, rock 'n' roll look.

Elements of nature
Jewelry inspired by the beauty of nature will undoubtedly be big in 2014. Look for drop earrings with a delicate leaf shape, rings with gemstones in the shapes of flowers, necklaces with branch-like accents and even sparkling dragonfly or butterfly brooches.

Fetching fringe
There's something about fringe that looks both elegant and bohemian at the same time. These kinds of details will pop up on jewelry this year like chandelier earrings and even long tasseled necklaces, offering a charming touch to otherwise plain metal pieces. Many of these baubles will have a vintage-inspired look, which is perfect for the girl who rocks a retro wardrobe.