How to wear pearls this winter

You want to look their best during the holidays, especially if you're snapping family photos or heading out for a glitzy party. Finding the right jewelry to wear to all of these events can be difficult. You're frequently transitioning from office environments to after-hours parties, or family gatherings to a night out with friends, so it is important to find pieces that can work in a variety of settings. One go-to is pearls, which can be found at Fine Jewelers in many styles and are great for any situation. 

Here are three easy ways to rock pearls during the holidays: 

As earrings
Simple pearl studs never go out of style. They are great for the office and can be easily worn into the night, making them when of the most versatile options for earrings. If you want to branch out from studs, look for dangling items like pearl-drop earrings. These pieces often include some additional sparkle, which is ideal for a fancier party. 

Perhaps the best thing about pearl earrings is that they can easily be paired with other pieces. Rich garnet pendants or similar bold colors will pop when worn with pearls, allowing you to look put together while also showing off your style. 

On your wrists
Slipping on a few pearl bracelets is a great way to dress up any outfit. These sleek items are frequently worn over long gloves – perfect for that 1920s-themed gathering – or as a standard set of bracelets. Just like other options, you can branch out to different colors or sizes depending on your personal style, but not matter what you'll have a no-fuss item that works with any kind of ensemble. 

Around your neck 
A simple strand of pearls around your neck can be the perfect complement to a cocktail dress. When you're wearing sparkly ensembles for New Year's or tons of patterns for a holiday party, a pearl necklace is a great option, as it can pull your entire look together without clashing with apparel. Want to kick it up a notch? Look for darker gray pearls, which have a metallic experience that instantly adds some edge to your outfit. 

Pearl necklaces can also work in more casual settings. When you're wearing cozy sweaters or high-necked tops, pearls can be effortlessly draped over the top. You inject some sparkle to an ensemble as well as elegance. Longer strands are more versatile, as they can be layered or even knotted to create a completely unique style.