Must-haves for every jewelry box

Especially considering how often trends change, it makes sense for you to seek out new baubles every season. Still, while it's fun to try out a new look or experiment with an eccentric style, there are certain classic pieces that every woman should have in her jewelry box. These items are not only timeless, but also versatile – meaning you'll be reaching for them for years to come whether you're headed to an interview or on a date.

So which Fine Jewelers pieces are essential? Here are just a few of the must-haves that you can make work for a variety of occasions:

Pearl studs
There's a reason that pearl earrings never went out of style – and likely never will. They offer just the right luminescence, and they're effortlessly chic. Fashion guru Tim Gunn stressed in Marie Claire magazine that pearls are an essential investment, and advised that 1/4 inch is an ideal diameter. 

Pearls don't have to look ultra prim and proper, either. While they're impossibly ladylike with a lace shift dress, you can definitely give them an unexpectedly edgy spin by pairing them with a leather pencil skirt or a concert tee and black jeans. Don't forget that there are many different options when it comes to colored pearls. Consider a pair of pink pearl studs for an extra dose of femininity, or black ones for something more dramatic. If pearls still just aren't your style, silver or gold metallic studs are a great alternative. 

A statement brooch
You may think this is an antiquated piece, but brooches are one item that never go out of style. Pin one to the lapel of your blazer, or even use it to keep that cardigan closed. Feel free to group more than one together, as long as they're relatively simplistic in design and from the same era. Whether it's vintage or contemporary, a brooch gives any outfit some added intrigue.

Sparkly chandeliers
What's the one thing you should have on hand for a night on the town? A big, dazzling set of chandelier earrings, of course. Even if you're rocking jeans and a tank, an oversized pair of sparklers look effortlessly glam. The best part about this piece is that you don't need to wear any jewelry with it since they have enough bling factor. Try a white crystal pair with a cocktail dress in a vivid jewel tone or even black denim and a printed peplum blouse. 

An elegant watch
A watch isn't just stylish – it's practical. Tim Gunn explained that while bigger, chunkier watches may have a bold look, they aren't very versatile. He recommended investing in a more slender, formal style that can easily transition from the office to cocktails.

Bold cuff
A cuff bracelet certainly makes an impression, but it can also have a very different look depending on the season. With a white T-shirt, a chunky gold hammered cuff looks Grecian glam, while a sterling silver cuff over a long-sleeved black knit in winter has a sleek, sophisticated vibe. You can also stack them up if you're sporting a short-sleeved top and feeling a little daring.

If you have a strapless dress or top, a choker is a must-have. A shorter length necklace can really tie an outfit together, whether it's chain-link or crystal. Plus, you can layer a choker with longer necklaces to get a completely different effect.

Cocktail ring
Who says you can't make a statement with your hands? Reach for an eye-catching ring and you'll definitely be the center of attention, no matter what attire you have on. Also, the playful vibe of a cocktail ring can make a seemingly severe ensemble look a little more fun.