Black and blue: A trend report

For decades, black and blue were two colors that were never supposed to be mixed. This antiquated style rule is quickly fading, though, as top designers have begun experimenting with the combination, demonstrating that the two hues can live in harmony. Meanwhile, celebrities have embraced it, rocking black and blue shades together as if they were meant to be married. While it's certainly a daring move, you too can be a part of the revolution by sporting some eye-catching pieces from Fine Jewelers in these dramatic colors.

Still apprehensive? Consider these tips for making black and blue baubles match:

Tie them in with your attire
If you're going to sport jewels in these shades, consider donning garments that incorporate both. Take a cue from Taylor Swift, who added intrigue to her deep navy dress with a plunging neckline by slipping on art deco-inspired black diamond drop earrings at the MTV Video Music Awards. Since the sparkles in her earrings complemented the glitzy details on the bust-line of her gown, the ensemble looked cohesive – not to mention impossibly chic.

That doesn't mean you can't use this tactic for a more casual occasion. For example, if you're sporting dark blue denim, pair your jeans with a solid black top. Then layer on blue and black beads to tie the whole outfit together. You could also take an easy route and consider some chandeliers that have both navy and black crystals.

Stack it up
When you don't have the energy to put a ton of effort into your look, stacking is a great tactic for mixing black and blue pieces. Layer blue rings in between jet black ones for an edgy and eclectic effect. You can do the same with bangles, too. Try adding in silver or gold bracelets to help break up the drama and introduce a little glitz and glamour. Looking for an even simpler solution? Search for pieces that incorporate crystals or details on both hues, which will instantly make you look put together.

High contrast
Sometimes a little black dress needs some vibrant accessories to jazz it up. The easiest way to do this is with some bright blue baubles. Try donning a vivid cobalt or cerulean statement necklace, which will really stand out against the stark black fabric. You could also try a turquoise cocktail ring, which is subtle but still gives a jet black dress a playful pop of color.

Keep in mind that if you're sporting both black and blue, it's less likely to clash if the blue is on the lighter or brighter side. That doesn't mean that navy and black can't work together, however it's best to add a third neutral to break up the darkness. For example, consider a white silk shell with a black cardigan, blue pencil skirt and a thick blue bracelet for a sophisticated but fashion-forward take on the color​ blocking trend.

Accent with your makeup
Another way to play around with the black and blue look is with your cosmetics. If you're not brave enough to rock black and blue clothes together, consider some blue eyeshadow, liner or even mascara to make your peepers pop and also tie in any jewelry you're sporting in the same hue. When you're incorporating blue into your makeup, though, make sure you're not wearing any other bold shades that could compete for attention. A navy smoky eye looking extra sultry with drop earrings in the same hue, especially when you're wearing a relatively plain ensemble like a white tank and skinny black jeans.