Everything you need to know about choosing an eternity band

An eternity ring is a symbol of commitment and lasting love, so choosing one requires time, patience and consideration. While some brides may wear one of these pieces from the onset of their marriage, others opt to upgrade from their original wedding band on an anniversary to symbolize how many years the marriage has lasted.

The best part about an eternity ring is that the possibilities are endless – you can even start a whole stack for a customized look. While you're browsing Fine Jewelers, here are some tips for picking a ring that's bound to bring you joy for a lifetime:

Practical is a priority
Practicality isn't the most romantic concept, but it's still something you need to keep in mind when you're choosing a ring. For example, if you work with your hands a lot, you want to stay away from rings with protruding diamonds that might get easily banged up. You also may want to stay away from those with any details that could easily scratch someone if you have small children or work with kids. 

A perfect match
Of course, an ideal ring will pair well with the baubles you wear on a daily basis. Most importantly, though, it will look stunning against your engagement ring. If you have a simple one, such as a solitaire diamond on a sleek metal band, you can have some fun with a more intricate or sparkly eternity band. On the other hand, you may want to select a plainer one if your engagement ring has a lot of diamonds or other eye-catching accents.

Be mindful of the metal
Every metal has different advantages. While silver is the best for those on a budget as its the least expensive, it is also more prone to tarnishing due to oxidation. Frequent cleaning and polishing can help to prevent this, however. Gold is a stronger metal than silver, and has an innately glamorous look. It's tarnish-resistant, but it is also the least durable metal. Platinum, on the other hand, is an ultra luxurious metal that's very durable and one of the most popular options for eternity bands. Palladium is similar to platinum, but has a lower price tag. Though stainless steel is incredibly durable and inexpensive, it comes with a higher risk of scratches. Remember to consider your skin tone too. While rose gold and yellow gold bring out the radiance of warm skin tones, those with a cooler complexion may want to opt for silver or white gold.

Express yourself
Keep in mind that the key word with this piece is "eternity" – since you'll be likely wearing it forever, you want to be sure that the ring is in line with your signature style and personality. Spend some time browsing different options. The most popular style is a band with inlaid stones that continue all the way around. However, another option is the three-stone ring, the gems on which represent the past, present and future. A claw setting offers a whimsical antique-like charm, while a flush setting is ideal for the modern, minimalist bride. You should also take the shape of the stones into account. While side by side square ones give the illusion of a continuous line, round stones may work better if your engagement ring features a round diamond.

Be sure of your size
Since you'll be sporting this ring on a regular basis, it's crucial that the fit is just right. If it's too tight, you'll be uncomfortable, and if it's too loose, you may risk losing the ring. It's worth noting that certain metals are easier than others to re-size. So if you're buying an eternity ring as a gift for your spouse-to-be or current partner, avoid stainless steel, tungsten and titanium, which are more challenging to re-size. Platinum, silver and gold are better options as they are easier to make larger or smaller.