Tips for matching your wedding band to your engagement ring

Some styles just fit together seamlessly, like they were meant to be worn in tandem – a cardigan and pearls, for example, or an LBD and a cocktail ring. When it comes to your wedding band and your engagement ring, it's especially important to consider pieces that will match. Whether or not you're wearing them on the same hands, you'll likely be sporting  them together. Therefore, it's crucial that they have a certain cohesive element. While some rings are designed to fit together perfectly, some brides would rather opt for an unconventional pairing that doesn't feel so matchy-matchy.

Before you pick out a wedding band from fine jewelers, here are some tips to make sure your ring combination is complementary:

One of the simplest and most significant aspects to consider is the metal of your rings. Typically, it's advisable to be consistent, so if you opt for a platinum engagement ring, your wedding band should also be platinum – and likewise for yellow gold or any other metal. Alternatively, you could always opt for two-tone wedding jewelry, which gives you the freedom to play around with the rest of your baubles more. For example, a ring with white gold and rose​ gold is a trendy look that gives you some versatility. By including more than one metal, these pieces match with a variety of different options.

Are you looking for maximum glamour? It is once again becoming popular to incorporate small gemstones into the wedding band so provide a frame for the engagement ring's larger stone, thus drawing attention to it. If you're considering a wedding band that includes diamonds or gems, make sure that they don't clash. While the shapes don't have to be exactly the same, they should mimic each other somewhat. For example, a three stone engagement ring with emerald-cut diamonds pairs perfectly with a band featuring stones in the same cut.

Don't forget color: If your ring features a diamond in a different shade than white, it's a good idea to tie in that hue with your wedding band.

Keep in mind that an ultra glitzy engagement ring, like a pave style, looks best with a sleek stone-free wedding band. Meanwhile, a solitaire diamond ring, which is relatively subtle and simplistic, gets some added dazzle with a diamond-studded band.

Shape and style
You'll also need to take into account the overall style of these pieces. While some wedding bands are flat, others may have rounded edges, so they won't work with all engagement rings. Traditional engagement rings typically sport a straight edge, meaning they will automatically lay flush together. However, many contemporary rings involve a gentle curvature – and as a result, you'll need to seek out a corresponding style so that they fit perfectly with each other. If you're opting for an ultra modern solitaire diamond engagement ring, your wedding band should also have a sleek modern design. On the other hand, a vintage ring is best paired with an antique band that enhances its nostalgic retro appeal.