Winter’s hottest jewelry trends

There's something about wintertime that calls for glitzy baubles. Between the sparkling snow and fancy holiday soirées, it's definitely time to bust out your best pieces from fine jewelers. Every year ushers in different trends, however. So what accessories should you be sporting to catch some attention this season?

As the temperature cools down, heat things up with these looks:

Gigantic gems
Sometimes, bigger is better. This season, jewelry is certainly growing in size, particularly with colored gems. From cocktail rings with stones in a vivid hue to statement chandelier earrings with oversized crystals, there are a range of options when you want to go all out. The key to making this trend work is to sport an ultra simplistic outfit, like a solid silk blouse and skinny jeans. That doesn't mean you can't rock big baubles with a printed outfit- but make sure the color of the gems tie into the palette of the pattern. Additionally, it's best to keep the rest of your accessories to a minimum to avoid an overly busy or garish effect.

Whether or not you flunked your geometry class, you'll definitely get an "A" for effort by sporting this trend. Consider a pair of triangular hoop earrings for a refreshing twist on a classic piece. Or, you could try a set of rectangular metal bangles, which offer an eclectic edge. Angular jewelry can add intrigue to any ensemble that needs some oomph, like a simple tank and denim combo or a solid frock. Feel free to mix and match shapes, too.

From "Mad Men" to "The Great Gatsby," trends are beginning to reflect a past era, especially in the way of jewelry. Search through your grandmother's jewelry box for inspiration or to borrow an Art Deco cocktail ring. Even contemporary baubles are beginning to have a retro vibe. You can't go wrong with a timeless pearl choker, but have some fun by adding an ornate brooch to your blazer's lapel or don a Victorian heirloom pendant.

Are you a nature enthusiast? If so, you'll rejoice in the fact that animal-inspired jewelry is a major trend right now. You might don a serpent ring or bracelet to give an understated dress a mysterious vibe. Or, consider a bejeweled insect ring for a playful touch. No matter what critter you choose, you're bound to attract some admiring stares.

What's better than one stellar piece of jewelry? A whole stack, of course. Whether you prefer to build up a bevy of bangles or slip on a stack of rings, stacking is an on-trend tactic that results in a bolder look. There's an art to layering baubles, of course. Though the pieces certainly don't need to match exactly, there needs to be some element of cohesiveness. So if you're sporting multiple rings, make sure they're the same metal, and you can vary the thickness and design. If you're daring enough to mix metals, ensure that the pieces have a different element in common, like the width and crystal setting.