Unique ideas for storing your jewelry

As you grow your jewelry collection, it's important to have a system for organizing it so that your favorite pieces are easy to find. Additionally, the way you store your baubles can impact their lifespan, so the better your system, the longer you'll be able to wear them. Still, there are countless different kinds of cases that you can keep your stunners from fine jewelers in. 

Here are some out-of-the-box ideas that are far more interesting than a traditional jewelry box:

Hidden shelf
Some people would rather put their treasured jewelry away then have it out in the open and visible. Keep your pieces out of sight by transforming a spare dresser drawer into a home for all your baubles. Head to a local fabric store for a strip of velvet or other soft fabric to line to drawer. Next, use different size containers to separate necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. You could even use porcelain egg crates, teacups or cupcake tins as individual compartments. Keeping your jewels tucked away is also a great way to save space on your vanity and can help you to avoid lost pieces.

Darling dish
A multi-tiered dish is an excellent jewelry holder because it automatically separates jewelry by type. Consider one with larger plates on the bottom for chunky bracelets and a smaller plate on top for dainty rings. Get creative with enamel paint to add decorative touches.

Bling branch
If you'd rather put your jewelry on display, a jewelry tree is a striking idea. Place a bare branch into a colorful vase. You can hang pendants and bracelets from the branches or even slide rings onto them. Not only will you keep track of your jewels, but you'll also turn them into a gorgeous piece of decor for your desk, dresser or bedside table.

Hook it up
Hooks aren't just for coats and handbags. Install several of them onto any wall to hang necklaces – you'll keep them from getting tangled and, as an added bonus, gain a new piece of art to brighten the room. You can get creative with what you use as a hook as well: Decorative antlers provide a rustic and outdoorsy feel, while ornate antique doorknobs have a kitschy and eclectic vibe. 

Bauble book
Bookworms will delight in this literary-inspired jewelry storage idea. All you have to do is drill holes into a hardcover book, then insert 2 inch nails with flat backs and secure them in the back with hex nuts. The nails act as hooks for necklaces or even earrings with a curved back. 

A fetching frame
Some pieces of jewelry are so remarkable that they deserve to be framed. To create the perfect holder, all you need is a frame with no backing or glass. Use wire cutters to form a piece of wire mesh the exact size of the frame, then adhere it to the back with a staple gun. Trim off any extra mesh, then paint the edges of the frame any color you choose. The possibilities are endless, but silver, gold and other metallic hues can well complement any jewelry collection. Hang the frame on a wall, and then you can use ornament hooks to hold rings and necklaces. Earrings can be conveniently inserted directly into the mesh.

Brace yourself
Never seem to find a use for your rolling pin in the kitchen? Turn it into the perfect bracelet holder. You can paint the pin with matte or high gloss paint, or leave it as is. Then just slide on your bangles, watches and other wrist-wear to keep them organized.