Do’s and dont’s for jewelry on a first date

A first date is inarguably nerve-wracking. The truth is, your appearance can have a big impact on your first impression – which is crucial for securing a second date, and a third. Just as it's important to select an outfit that reflects you in the best possible way, your accessories are also key. Your jewelry can say a lot about who you are, so you should be as mindful with selecting it as you are with your ensemble.

When choosing baubles for your big date, you should aim to express your personality without overpowering your look. Sound complicated? Simply use this guide to help you pick optimal pieces from fine jewelers:

Consider your attire. If you're rocking an elaborate printed top to meet your guy for cocktails, then you need to balance out the look with subtler jewelry, like metallic studs or a slender bangle. Conversely, a solid blouse or dress with a classic shape calls for something a little more fun, like chandelier earrings. 

Offset something classic with something edgy. When mixing jewelry, a good rule of thumb is to stick with one safe piece and add one that has an element of surprise. An elegant pearl bracelet layered with a tough studded leather one is slightly eccentric yet still chic.

Make a statement. One bold item, like an onyx cocktail ring or a long pendant necklace with an oversized stone, says you have confidence, which is highly attractive on a first date. Just don't go overboard – more than one piece can look overdone and may suggest you're high maintenance.

Don't feel like you need to look fashion-forward and totally on-trend. Wear what makes you comfortable, because chances are, he doesn't know what's in style anyway. If you never take your grandmother's locket off, a first date is no time to worry about what he'll think. It's meaningful pieces like these that give a guy a real glimpse into who you are.

You also shouldn't wear baubles that upstage you. Your jewelry should enhance your personality, not overpower it – so don't let your accessories do the talking. Noisy pieces, like a stack of metal bangles, can be distracting when you're walking through the park. Similarly, neon drop earrings might distract him when he's trying to focus on your dinner conversation.