It’s about time: This season’s hottest watch trends

A watch is a staple piece in any man or woman's accessories collection. Not only is it functional, but it can also make a bold statement. Depending on the strap, face and all of the details, a watch says a lot about who you are – and moreover, who you want to be. So how do you know what fine jewelers timepiece is right for you?

Follow this guide to the season's hottest trends and you'll be rocking a piece on your wrist that captures your unique style:

For women
Animal prints are big this season, and if you're on the timid side, a watch is a great way to incorporate the trend in a subtle manner. Consider one with a cheetah or zebra strap, which is glam without being over-the-top. Croc and python leather straps are equally chic and understated.

Blame it on the major motion picture "The Great Gatsby," but art deco is in. As a result, many women are seeking square-faced watches. Whether they have a small or large face, these timepieces offer a more masculine look, but with the right delicate, dazzling details, they can still look girly. They're perfect for someone with a retro-inspired wardrobe or a woman who just has an old soul.

Punk rock is also making a comeback, perhaps due to the edgier recent runway shows and the recent movie "CBGB." If you're looking to get in touch with your rebellious side, you might try a watch with a wraparound black leather studded strap, or one with chain detailing.

Speaking of gender-bending styles, oversized watches are also in. From an enormous face to a chunky cuff-like strap, many of this season's timepieces are more eye-catching than ever. The benefit of sporting a striking wrist piece is that you can go light on the rest of your jewelry. A two-toned analog watch has a sporty vibe, but with crystal accents, still maintains a certain femininity. Rosegold can also lend softness to a tough-looking oversized watch. These styles are fitting for the confident, ambitious woman.

Bracelet watches simply never seem to go out of style, and there's a reason why. These elegant pieces strike a chic balance, so they can transition seamlessly from daytime errands to an evening affair. They're ideal for the woman who is always on the go and flits from meetings to dressy events.

For men
On the whole, men are ditching basic, boring watches for far more daring styles. In part due to the "Mad Men" craze, many are opting for vintage-inspired pieces, which can make a powerful statement and suggest a certain integrity about the wearer.

If there's one hue that is dominating male timepiece trends, it's gray. GQ magazine reported that slate-on-slate is a super sleek look that's becoming more popular. Fortunately, it's extremely versatile and can work for a man with nearly any profession or tastes. Navy is also reportedly a major color this year, with some watches even featuring an all-blue face and strap.

If the monochromatic look isn't for you, then you're in luck – GQ noted that bi-metal straps are becoming more common. A particularly popular combination is rosegold, which offers a playful touch, and austere steel. These two metals strike an ideal balance that is well-suited to a fashion-forward man who's willing to take a risk or two.

If you aren't afraid of bright colors, you'll be delighted to know that orange is another color that's starting to appear. If you're confident enough to rock this vibrant shade, look for a timepiece with a rust-colored strap. Or, you could take a safer approach with a watch that has small tangerine accents on the hands.