Pieces that popped at the ‘Thanks for Sharing’ premiere

Celebs showed up to the ArcLight Hollywood for the premiere for "Thanks for Sharing" Sep. 18 in a variety of striking ensembles. While Gwyneth Paltrow opted for a simple white frock and barely any accessories, other starlets went with bolder looks. Instead of donning a bevy of baubles, however, they each chose one statement stunner that truly made their outfit stand out. So how do you choose just one piece of jewelry? Follow in the footsteps of these stars when selecting accessories from fine jewelers and you're sure to catch the right kind of attention, no matter the occasion.

Though Pink, aka Alecia Moore, is known for a rebellious fashion sense, she looked more elegant than edgy at this premiere in an off-the-shoulder, long-sleeved midnight blue gown that grazed the floor. Her sparkly drop earrings gave the dress a hint of glitz without being too showy, and had the effect of stars against a night sky.

Rebecca Romijn
​The former model ditched the traditional gown for a more casual yet sophisticated outfit: cropped black leather pants, studded pointy heels, a white tee and a vivid red blazer. She donned a delicate double-strand necklace with clear arrowheads as well, which offered an eccentric touch.

Zoe Lister Jones
This actress is known for her offbeat style, and her ensemble at this event was no exception. Like Romijn, Jones also proved that pants are perfectly appropriate for a silver screen premiere. She sported a cropped ruffle-sleeve sheer top and dark bootcut jeans, and swept her hair up into a chic bun. Her oversized aqua stud earrings were the highlight, however. They pulled in the vibrant hue of her blue eyeshadow while contrasting the rosy tint of her blouse.