Scarlett Johansson sizzles at ‘Under the Skin’ premiere

Scarlett Johansson never seems to go wrong on the red carpet, and the premiere for "Under the Skin" at the 2013 Venice Film Festival was no exception. The starlet arrived at the Palazzao del Cinema in Italy wearing a stunning off-the-shoulder black floor-length Versace gown and Roger Vivier pumps. With a wispy up-do, natural makeup and a dazzling statement necklace by Bulgari, all eyes were definitely on her. If you've ever wondered how to give a simple black dress more sparkle, a bold, colorful necklace from fine jewelers could definitely do the trick.

While her ensemble was a chic safe bet, ScarJo is no stranger to taking risks. In her newest film, she plays a seductive predatory alien posing as a human in Scotland. According to CityNews, the film got mixed reception at the Venice Film Festival premiere. Variety described the movie as "an undeniably ambitious but ultimately torpid and silly tale," while The Telegraph deemed it "astonishing," saying it "will leave you at once entranced and terrified." Despite the range of reviews, "Under the Skin" is competing for the sought-after Golden Lion at the festival.

However, CityNews noted that Scarlett fully expected such extreme reactions. In an interview with Reuters Television, she explained that the film is meant to be a surprising experience. The source also asked her about the amount of time she spent in limited clothing, and Johansson proved once again that she's as brave and brazen as ever.

"I think like everybody I have a lot of feelings of self-consciousness but you know, I couldn't be self-conscious – I think I had to just let all of that kind of judgments of my own self settle and sort of fade away, and it was challenging," she stated, as quoted by CityNews.

Regardless of the film's praise or criticism, Scarlett's confidence certainly shone through at the Venice Film Festival.