Top 5 hottest wedding jewelry trends

This year, wedding and engagement rings have taken a turn for the unique and unusual. As brides become more daring, so has their jewelry – incorporating natural elements, brightly colored stones, eccentric shapes, rosegold and intricate bands. Want to stay on top of the latest trends? Follow this guide before selecting your dream ring from fine jewelers.

Stackable bands
What's more eye-catching than one band? A whole slew of them. Stacking up eternity bands is an interesting alternative to the traditional single ring, and according to the Huffington Post, is a trend that's been sported by both Reese Witherspoon and the always chic Sarah Jessica Parker. This look works with sterling silver or gold bands, and you can even mix and match metals for an eccentric look. Another idea is to stack gold bands with different colored small stones. Just three can be elegant, but bolder brides can also build a thicker stack of five or six.

Antique cuts
Forget your typical round diamond – the newest cuts recall a certain nostalgia. MSN News reported that emerald cuts are increasingly popular as they can give the illusion of a larger size despite having the same carat weight of another cut. Additionally, these shapes fuse modern flair and an antique feel for a perfect compromise.

Meanwhile, MSN News noted that cushion cut is making a comeback. "The Bachelorette" Desiree Hartsock and Ashley Tisdale both have these rocks on their fingers, and with good reason: Bigger facets mean that light hits the diamonds in a dazzling way.

Don't forget pear cut stones, which also have a vintage romance. MSN News pointed out that this shape can help smaller carat weights to look larger than they are.

Non-white diamonds
Providing further evidence that tradition is going out the window, white diamonds are no longer the only acceptable option for engagement rings. Yellow diamonds can really pop, and according to JCK magazine, are now the most sought-after diamond hue. Surrounded by a frame of white crystals, a bright and sunny canary-colored diamond is especially brilliant. Rebecca Romijn's ring from Jerry O'Connell includes a yellow diamond that dangles from the band.

Another option is champagne, a subtly different look than pure white but still just as refined. MSN News revealed that cognac diamonds are also striking, especially in deeper chocolate shades inside a halo setting. Fergie's engagement ring from Josh Duhamel, for example, features cognac diamonds in a starburst pattern.

Pink crystals still have a decidedly feminine appeal. Look to Mariah Carey's emerald cut ring with blush-colored diamonds for inspiration.

Dark and mixed metals
It's not just the gemstones that are changing colors – the metal settings themselves are, too. JCK Magazine reported that platinum remains popular, but wedding rings that twist together white and yellow gold are offering a eclectic alternative. Additionally, oxidized and black metals are gaining buzz for an edgier bride. The magazine noted that darker metals also make a colorless diamond stand out, or enhance the drama of a dark rock.

It's no secret that flowers are an essential aspect of any wedding, but now botanicals are starting to make their way into ring styles as well. JCK Magazine explained that the halo setting remains hot, but now the floral halo offers a new twist. Twisted bands that mimic branches are ideal for a nature-loving bride. Some bands even have vines engraved in the metal for a whimsical effect. Diamonds that emulate petals surrounding a center crystal are simultaneously glamorous and playful, and perfect for the girliest brides.