Top four fall jewelry trends

Clothes aren't the only thing you'll be changing up as the leaves turn. This autumn, jewelry styles are highly nostalgic, bringing to mind the baubles our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers wore before us. Whether you're rocking pieces from fine jewelers or a family heirloom, you'll be right on trend. Just use the following guide to help you when you're plucking your favorite pieces for the upcoming season.

Offbeat rings
Move over statement necklaces: Rings are taking center stage. According to The LA Fashion magazine, rings this fall are all about stepping away from typical styles and toward unique designs. That goes for brides, too, who will be flaunting untraditional pieces on their fingers. The magazine noted that celebrities like Kelly Clarkson have had a huge influence on offbeat engagement and wedding rings, such as those that incorporate black diamonds and yellow stones.

Sparkly vintage studs
Earrings are also going to evoke a vintage charm, The LA Fashion Magazine reported. Designers have been adorning runway models with sets that look to be crafted from antique tools, which means that it might be worth poking around your local flea market or thrift shop for a similar pair. Refinery 29 explained that crystal gumdrop studs are also going to be popular. An oversized pair in clear crystal or a bright hue can be stunning even with just a simple tee and jeans, but work just as well with a cocktail dress. Try mixing these vintage-inspired studs with a modern frock – the contrasting styles will balance each other for an eclectic look.

You might have scoffed at your grandmother's garish pins growing up, but these accessories are making a comeback. LA Fashion explained that brooches this season don't have to be big and flashy, either. While a diamond-studded pin is indeed striking on the lapel of a black blazer, you could also opt for a delicate flower or other unusual shape. The magazine advised attaching one to an unexpected place, like a blouse's shoulder, the hip of your dress or even a scarf.

Not that pearls ever went out of style, but Jillian Bremer, founder of the vintage jewelry reseller Sweet & Spark, told Lucky magazine that they're going to be a major trend for autumn. But these aren't your typical pieces. LA Fashion reported that the earrings this season might have a teardrop shape or incorporate different colored pearls, such as pale pink or champagne. With a button down and a pencil skirt, pearls are perfectly appropriate for the office, but they can also add class to an edgier ensemble like a leather sheath dress.