Maggie Q takes a risk with a bib necklace

As another indication that more is sometimes better when it comes to jewelry, bib necklaces have become increasingly popular, emerging in a range of styles from delicate and feminine to tough and tribal. While promoting her new movie at the Comic-Con summit, Maggie Q rocked an extravagant one, which was eye-catching against her simple black maxi dress. Except for a black band wrapped around one arm, the piece was the only statement she needed to complete her edgy ensemble. 

This was an exciting year for Maggie, who is not only starring in the gripping futuristic action thriller "Divergent," but is also celebrating the fourth and final season of her show "Nikita." Maggie also participated in the recent Entertainment Weekly "Women Who Kick Ass" panel, along with actresses Michelle Rodriguez, Katee Sackhoff, Tatiana Maslany and Danai Gurira. The stars assembled for a discussion on being female action heroes, hazards of the job and general girl power-related topics.

"Men are dumb," said Maggie, according to Entertainment Weekly. "They think we fight in heels and dresses."

Maggie's choice of accessories certainly demonstrated that she's brave on screen and off. Against a blouse or a dress with a simple neckline and silhouette, try your own take on the trend with an intricate necklace from fine jewelers.