Accessories that work for you while you wear them

There are few women in this world who don't love to accessorize their ensembles with playful jewelry. Any woman, however, appreciates a piece that can multifunction. Along with your favorite bangles, necklaces and watches, you can wear these useful pieces that not only accentuate your outfit, but also help you smell fresh, be on time to meetings or even open your summer libations.

Here are some funky jewelry pieces that are on our radar for their functional – yet chic – appeal:

Perfume necklaces
Who doesn't have that problem where they spritz on their morning scent and by noon, the fragrance has vanished? Designer Chloe, along with some other innovative leaders in the fashion realm, have come up with a solution: Wear your perfume on a chain around your neck! The Bianca Solid Perfume Necklace keeps your scent hidden inside a sterling silver locket, which of course, holds the signature Chloe fragrance inside. The chic sterling silver accessory can be worn with a summer dress, cocktail attire or even a casual T-shirt and jeans. 

Blast from the past ring watch
Believe it or not, the ring watch is cool once again. You might have rocked one when you were in elementary school, and now, La Mer has upgraded the look with a ring watch on a chain. The pendant comes on a long chain necklace, and could easily turn into a charm necklace by adding other trinkets that highlight your own personal style. If your classic timepiece is getting repaired or you just want to switch up your look, this could be the perfect accessory to do so.

Bottle popping bracelet
The only thing better than a chic gold leather cuff bangle is one that opens your bottle of chardonnay or summer ale. A new collaboration with Ooh La La Sparkling Wine and Three Jane jewelry introduces this chic studded bracelet, which will likely make big waves this summer, just in time for regular visits to the beach with a cooler and beach chair in hand. While the bracelets are certainly functional, the most notable thing about them is their unique design and elegant look, despite the fact that they pry open your favorite drinks! You'll certainly surprise your friends when they start searching for a bottle opener and you reach over, offering the flashy accessory on your wrist to do the job.