Make a statement with your jewelry

These days, the jewelry you wear is all about making a statement. Unlike necessary items like your pants or a shirt, you put on necklaces, earrings and rings to give your ensemble some extra spunk. It might be an engraved necklace that your grandmother gave you, your first pair of diamond earrings from your boyfriend or a funky piece of costume jewelry, but whatever it is, it's a reflection of your own personal style. If you feel like your jewelry isn't doing a good job of showing off your fashionable side, start taking notes on these bold styles that could instantly upgrade your wardrobe:

Bib necklace
We've seen them on Olivia Palermo, Molly Sims, Emma Stone and Mischa Barton, and now it's your turn to find your perfect bib necklace. These statement pieces can turn any T-shirt or sweater from bland to beautiful in a second, and all it takes is a little coordination and style. Jordana Brewster from "The Fast and Furious" film series played off her look perfectly with red skinny jeans, a beige T-shirt, a black handbag and a gorgeous, gold Peter Pan collar necklace. Wearing the piece this way is meant to almost appear as if the T-shirt has an embellished neck, although you know the trick behind the glitzy move! You can wear this necklace with a variety of tops, or even strapless dresses to draw more attention to the accessory.

Daring cuffs
If you watched the Met Gala coverage this year, then you know just how much punk has come onto the style scene. Dozens of A-list stars wore flashy, metallic accessories around their necks, fingers, ears and wrists, and one of the most popular looks seemed to be fierce cuffs or bangles. Eddie Borgo is a favorite jewelry designer among the celebrity crowd, and his signature gold cuffs are covered in spikes, studs and chains. You don't have to shell out the big bucks to find similar bracelets to wear with your favorite LBD or weekend jeans and T-shirt, though. Plenty of affordable options are out there – all you have to do is look!

Hand ornament
Forget rings and bracelets – why not blend them together and wear a bold hand ornament? This look is not for the timid, and likely won't be seen or even accepted by all as a fashionable look – but that's what trends are all about, right? It's worth at least trying once, but for a one-time wear, you should maybe think twice about purchasing an expensive design like the Tiffany & Co. Diamond and Pearl piece. Made for the Art Deco-inspired costumes of "The Great Gatsby," this accessory is ornate, over the top and truly exquisite. Many fashion boutiques and affordable accessory stores craft their own take of this trendy piece of jewelry, so perhaps try a more reasonably priced version to see if you like the style as a whole.

Natural stones
Quartz crystals, garnet, mica and amethyst are becoming the "it" gemstones behind chic, unique cocktail rings. These natural stones bring back the basics of jewelry and recall early civilizations that adorned themselves with jewels and decorative makeup just as we do today. Some designs are one of a kind, making them a little out of the typical budget range, such as the pieces from Stone & Strand, which are all crafted by hand. However, you can find a nature-inspired ring that suits your style and price range. Christine J. Brandt of Stone & Strand is based in Brooklyn, New York, which happens to be the best locale to look for these unique accessories.