The wildest punk rock looks from the Met Gala 2013

We're still buzzing about the fierce and hardcore looks from this year's Met Gala! Some celebrities wholeheartedly embraced the punk rock theme, wearing chains galore, choker necklaces, cuff earrings and spiky bangles, while others played it safe and opted out of the clothing suggestion. When you only have one night to pull out all the punk stops, why not go full steam ahead and embrace it?

Here were some of the most daring looks from the night, which include everything from crown headpieces to layers of crosses and chains.

Allison Williams
Allison, Williams, the actress who plays Marnie on HBO's "Girls" series, definitely would have some issues with Williams' getup choice for the Met Gala 2013. Wearing a floor-length, black gown with massive sheer and lace cutouts, Williams looked like a demure punk goddess among the massive crowd. While her glossy, auburn locks fell past her shoulders, they couldn't hide the jewel-encrusted stud earrings that graced each lobe. To top it off, the TV starlet wore matching statement rings on both index fingers. Talk about a powerful punch!

Nicole Richie
Did anyone catch a glimpse of Nicole Richie's ears at the Met Gala? If not, you were probably too busy staring at her hair, which she dyed a grayish-white hue for the event. Her earrings, however, were the scene-stealing element of her whole ensemble – to us jewelers, at least. Wearing spiky studs that went from her lobe to the top of her ear, Richie looked like a fierce snow queen, as her gown was also bejeweled and white. Apparently, Rihanna loved the attire too, tweeting that she thought Nicole Richie earned best dressed of the evening. If you took your eyes off her hair and earrings for a moment, you might have caught a glimpse of her gorgeous rings and punk-rock manicure, too.

Cara Delevingne
Rising model Cara Delevingne turned heads on the red carpet as well, and pulled off the punk look with effortless class. Her long black gown featured a deep, plunging neckline and wild studs all over the top, and she chose long, punk-inspired chain necklaces and a whole slew of earrings, similar to Nicole Richie's lobe-to-cuff look. Joining many other starlets on the red carpet, she flaunted rings on just about every finger, as well as an untamed, side-braided hairdo. For a model that's still making her mark on the runway and on the streets, she certainly seemed at home at the A-list event, being playful with celebrity friends like Sienna Miller and Kelly Osbourne.

Miley Cyrus
Perhaps the winner of all punk rockers, Miley Cyrus fully embraced the 2013 theme and looked as if she came right out of the pages of a 1992 edition of Rolling Stone magazine. The former Disney star wore a floor-length black mesh gown and spiky, bleached-blonde locks with flashy red lips. Her jewelry was minimal, aside from the studs in her ears and a jaw-dropping statement ring that took up her whole hand. She commanded the red carpet and fully embraced her edgy side.