‘The Great Gatsby’ gives a lesson on Roaring ’20s accessories

The fashion of the 1920s is seeing a new resurgence, all thanks to the glamour and beauty of the forthcoming film adaptation of "The Great Gatsby." Brooks Brothers, Tiffany & Co. and countless other designers are embracing the style wholeheartedly, with dapper, clean-cut suits in light spring colors for the men and piles upon piles of pearls for the ladies. Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan are two of the fresh faces flaunting these pieces, and will most likely keep the look going at the number of film premiere events they attend around the world. The Roaring '20s have never looked so good.

Want to adopt the Old World style into your own wardrobe? Here are some accessories that recall the flapper era and are easy to incorporate into any modern ensemble:

Art Deco
Geometric-inspired pieces scream Art Deco, and this style is exactly what you'll find in the upcoming Gatsby film. Brooches boasting square- and circle-shaped rubies and diamonds and oval emerald drop earrings set in platinum are examples of the accessories you can wear yourself, and could be the perfect enhancement to your cocktail party attire or formal business ensemble. The more dramatic, the better, so don't be afraid if the colors seem too bold or the chandelier earrings you've chosen are massive. It'll work – trust us.

If you look in the depths of your mom's closet, you might find a dress or two covered in beads and even fringed at the bottom hem. This tassel look is the classic flapper style, and can be incorporated into your jewelry too. Beaded fringe necklaces are an eye-catching statement piece that will glamify any everyday outfit. Plus, bold necklaces are often the best accessory to flaunt at work, as big earrings can be a pain when making phone calls and chunky bangles only get in the way while you're clacking away on the keyboard.

Jeweled headpiece
If you've been keeping tabs on the latest Gatsby happenings, you might've seen shots from the lavish Tiffany & Co. event introducing their gorgeous new collection inspired by the 1920s-based film. One of the most eye-catching pieces is the diamond-encrusted headpiece that Mulligan wears in the film, which is priced at a whopping $200,000. The dramatic accessory is adorned with freshwater cultured pearls and brilliant diamonds, and while the cost might be just a tad out of your budget, you can certainly find yourself an affordable and chic version of the statement piece and get that same head-turning effect that Gatsby's Daisy has.